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How do I find out that someone made macumba for me? Signs, undo and more!

Yes. There is a way to know if someone has done macumba for you, precisely because when a negative spiritual work is carried out, it is possible to notice certain differences and signs. Clearly, having the help of a professional who understands and works with the spiritual world is always the best option.

However, observing how your life is as a whole, the sudden changes that occur, in addition to other signs that may arise, is fundamental to have a better idea of ​​whether or not someone has done a job.

It is possible to further analyze the signs that someone has made macumba for you. Follow in the next topic how you can identify, in each situation, a spell performed.

Depending on the type of spiritual work that was carried out, there may be very specific signs that something is not right and needs attention.

And by looking more closely at the behavior of the people around you, at what happens to them and to you too, it’s simpler to identify if there’s something wrong.

Below we are going to assess the main signs that may arise when someone does work for their relationship, work, family, or even to harm their health.

Sometimes the relationship can arouse envy in other people, whether it’s someone in the family or someone who simply wants to get that other person to break up.

There are some specific signs that can appear in these cases that you may notice:

• Constant and unexplained headaches;
• Thoughts of ending the relationship;
• Constant fights with the partner and without relevant reasons;
• Anguish that does not go away;
• Bad feeling when being with the partner;
• Need to look for someone else.

It is very important to pay attention to these details and verify that the fact that your relationship is bad does not have to do with a work of witchcraft.

It can also happen that some ill-intentioned person makes a macumba to affect their work and performance.

The reasons can be of the most varied, even envy of the position he occupies or a promotion he received. It can even happen that you have a promotion in mind and someone wants to get ahead of you.

In any case, it is very important to visualize the signs that something is going wrong, and more precisely, for no apparent reason and suddenly.

The main signs are as follows:

• Fights in the workplace for no reason;
• Sudden disagreement with your boss or direct colleagues;
• Headaches;
• Difficulties and setbacks in carrying out work activities that previously did not pose any problems;
• Situations that were previously favorable suddenly change shape.

Pay attention to these and other signs that may arise and prevent yourself from the evils that can negatively affect your career.

In addition to macumbas that some people do for relationships and work, there are also those aimed at the family. And just like the others, there are also signs that can indicate the way to identify a job like this.

So, keep an eye out for situations like:

• Problems arising without explanation;
• Constant and unreasonable fights with family members;
• Recurring financial problems;
• Insomnia;
• Depression;
• Body pain.

The family is our biggest base. And finding problems brought about by a witchcraft or witchcraft disturbing the bonds is something that needs to be in our attention. Therefore, always analyze these signs and take the necessary measures.

Health is our most precious asset. Without it, we can do nothing and have no way of accomplishing our simplest goals. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the sign of works done to harm this part of life:

• Appearance of sudden and unexplained illnesses;
• Constant malaise;
• Backaches and headaches;
• Dying plants in your home;
• Feeling of being under constant observation;
• Discouragement.

In addition to all the signs that we have already presented in detail for macumbas made for certain parts of life, others, specific in certain aspects, may also appear.

Physical or mental signs, in addition to those that interfere with other aspects of your life, may eventually appear. See below in more detail what you need to keep in mind and observe according to the events of your day to day.

There are many physical signs that can appear when someone does macumba for another person. Some of them are the following:

• Headaches;
• Constant back pain;
• Dizziness;
• Changes in weight;
• Difficulties sleeping;
• Constant tiredness.

These are just some of the indications that something is wrong. When these symptoms appear suddenly, for no reason, it is good to be careful.

In addition to physical symptoms, there are also those that affect the mind. Negative energies have the power to modify the way you handle your psychology. Some of the signs are as follows:

• Depression;
• Crying for no reason;
• Anxiety;
• Anguish without explanation;
• Uncontrollable bad thoughts;
• Anger for no reason;
• Resentment;
• Stress.

The psychological factor is one of the most affected by a problem like this. And it ends up causing extremely negative consequences for those who are suffering the effects of a work of sorcery.

The senses can also be affected. Among the main signs, the following may appear:

• Smells of unpleasant things or objects that are not nearby;
• Unpleasant taste in food or lack of flavor;
• Sensation of goosebumps on the skin;
• Seeing spirits or even figures with certain frequency;
• Hearing voices or sounds even when completely alone.

When a person is being targeted by macumba, it can happen that he has problems not only with himself, but also with the people who live around him.

Constant fights, problems communicating with people, as well as anger, resentments and difficulties in relating are some of the points that deserve attention.

Objects that disappear without explanation and then reappear in other very visible places is one of the things that usually happen. This is, therefore, one of the factors on how to find out that someone has made macumba for you.

Also, things that break for no apparent reason, such as mirrors, cups or plates are also signs of concern.

Insomnia is one of the clearest symptoms that something is wrong. Apart from that fact, dreaming of people who are gone or of unpleasant situations on a recurring basis is certainly worrying.

Knowing that someone made macumba for you is very important so that you can protect yourself from the damage caused.

There are some tests dedicated exactly to this purpose, which make it easier for you to identify the causes of the problems that are occurring in your life. Below we will exemplify the main tests and show how you should perform them.

The first test we have to present is a very famous one, called the coin test. It is really effective, however, it is not the most effective of all. You can do it any day of the week and at any time. To do this, just take any coin, a glass and olive oil and use it for this test.

Put enough oil in the glass and then dip the coin there, leaving it for 5 minutes in that place, without stirring. After that time, remove the coin from there, with your hands, and then place it in the palm of your hand and close it. Wait 15-20 minutes with your hand closed and the coin in the middle.

After that, throw the coin up and wait for it to fall to see your result. If it lands, indicating heads, someone has done macumba or spells to hit you. If it indicates tails, you are free of this problem.

The egg test is the most complete of all and allows for more accurate and realistic results. However, you should only do it on Tuesday or Friday.

Take an unbroken hen’s egg to use for this test, and also a container half full of water. Pass the egg, being careful not to break it, all over your body from top to bottom. Rub it really well all the way down to your feet.

After that break it into the container with water and see what happens. If the yolk is at the bottom of the pot and the white is clean, you have nothing to worry about. If the water turns dark all of a sudden, the macumba they did aims to transform their life into financial misery. If you see a kind of cross in the clear, you are possibly suffering from several spells.

The olive oil test can be performed any day, but be aware that it is less effective than the egg test. Take a glass and put half of water in it. In another glass, put olive oil. Dip your index finger into the oil and then take it to the glass with water, dropping three drops.

Observe how the oil drops will behave in the water. If the drops fall and remain at the bottom of the glass, someone made macumba for you. If the oil floats normally, then you are spell free and don’t need to worry.

To find out the name of the person who hurt you, then take a container and a sheet of paper. Write down the names of the people you suspect of having done you macumba. After that, cut each name into a small piece and fold it well, placing all the pieces of paper with the name well folded inside the pot. Cut more papers, but don’t write anything on them.

Then put all the papers together in that container, mix very well and leave the egg in there with them. Now take one of the papers out of the container. If it comes out without a name, in white, none of these people did the macumba for you. If it has a name, that person has cast a spell against you.

When you find out that someone has done macumba for you, it is very important to look for ways to undo this evil so that you can have a peaceful life again. See below for some tips on what to do in this situation.

Undoing the spell is paramount and you need to try to do it as soon as possible to avoid greater evils. In these cases, dealing with a pai or madre de santo can help to remove the spiritual work…

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