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How to Cast a Honey Jar Spell to Attract Love

Today we will see how to use a jar spell with honey to attract love. Traditionally, what we do is prepare a mojo jar with honey and other ingredients to bring a man or woman into our life using the sweetening properties of the honey, increasing the power of the spell and making it more effective and powerful.

You will see that it is not necessary to bathe with honey to attract the love of that special person. This spell is usually used to sweeten someone, that is, make them more friendly and open towards you. This spell can be used to improve your current relationship, or just on yourself, to make you more attractive. Let’s see how to attract love with honey.

Honey Spells For Love

Honey Spells For Love

A Honey Jar Spell to Attract Love

To prepare a jar spell with honey for love, you will need:

  • A natural sweetener. In this case we will use honey. You could also used sugar, molasses, syrup, etc. These used to be selected according to the skin color of the person we are trying to influence. Nowadays honey is the most used.
  • A jar, bottle, or other glass container.
  • Paper (preferably brown or parchment paper)
  • A pencil or pen.

How to cast the spell with honey to attract love

First, on your paper write down the name of the person you want to sweeten three times. Next, rotate the paper ninety degrees to one side and write your name on it, three times. You must make the names cross each other, with yours on top. After this, concentrate on what you want to obtain with this sweetening: if you want to bring an ex lover back, if you want someone to behave better with you, etc. Once you have decided, write your wish around the names, creating a circle with your writing around the names. Do this without lifting the pencil, making the words connect. Once you have finished writing, you can go back to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

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Now that you have your paper ready, you can fold it and you will sink it into the jar that you have filled with honey. When doing this, touch the honey with your fingers. Then remove your fingers and pronounce this spell out loud:

“Just like this honey is sweet. That’s how he/she will be for me. “

Next, lick the honey from your fingers and seal the jar. After sealing the jar or bottle, light a candle on top of the lid of the jar according to your situation:

  • Red candles to get passionate love.
  • Pink candles for loving love.
  • Brown candles for situations of judicial cases. In case you want to sweeten a judge or a jury.
  • White candles for general use.

When the candle has burned all the way, store it in a safe place where nobody will find it. Wait 7 days and light another candle. Do this at least once a week on the same day each week.

Honey Spell to bring love

Honey Spell to bring love

Optional elements

Objects or personal elements. That is, a part of the person to bewitch. Their nails, hair, etc. Usually, this helps the spell be more powerful. It also helps to get a faster effect. This item must be included in the bottle, wrapped in the paper with your request.

Herbs or roots. You can add them to the paper too. However, only add herbs that are edible. Some examples are lavender, cinnamon, and mint.

Papers with additional requests. If you use a large bottle you can add additional names as needed. You just have to open the jar (be careful not to break the wax buildup), put the name on the jar and pronounce the spell again.) Light another candle after you do it.

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