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Dreaming of a procession: funeral, in church, with a priest, Catholic and more!

The first step to understanding the meaning of dreaming about a procession is to pay attention to what the word represents. A procession comprises a group of individuals walking in an orderly manner towards a direction. It is a continuous, forward movement towards a specific destination.

Combining this information, we realize that dreaming of a procession has a general meaning that concerns “being part of something”. And, more than that, moving in a direction related to this something you believe or want to achieve. Sometimes you will talk about your current relationship, attachment to the past or raising your children if any.

It could happen on the street, at the sea, in a church; carrying funeral motifs, Catholic celebrations or involving the presence of illustrious characters. Each scenario reserves a particular meaning that we will talk about below. Follow and understand.

Dreaming of processions in different places adds meaning to the general interpretation of your dream. Reports from different cultures and religions present processions with different motives taking place in the countryside, in the streets, in the church and at sea.

Each of these places carries a particular symbolism. The street, for example, is the path; water is the universal symbol of human emotions and the church of our values. It is necessary to understand how each of these elements connects to your dream in order to reveal its final meaning.

Dreaming of a procession in the street puts you in front of two very strong symbolic elements. On the one hand, we have the street as a representation of a path with trajectories, risks and possibilities of direction. On the other, the procession, which brings the movement symbol together with a group.

The union of these elements speaks about your professional life and the need for support to achieve success. The people who walk beside you are your co-workers who have the common goal of meeting the goals of a business or company.

Recognition of your skills will be necessary and for that to happen you must keep yourself well informed, without hesitating to position yourself as the expert you are in your area and not being afraid to expose your ideas, as they may contain the secret of success.

Dreaming of a procession at sea does not say about your religiosity, but about your faith. Because it contains the water element, this faith is not random, but talks about your emotions and recent disappointments in a relationship, loving or not, that made you stop believing.

Although the procession is a joint manifestation seen in different peoples and not always containing religious motives, walking on water is an emblematic passage within Christian literature.

Jesus Christ walked on water knowing that God would not let him sink. Peter was able to accompany him as he kept his faith in Christ intact, but as he wavered in his belief and worried about the waves, he submerged.

He comes to remind you that, although you have been disappointed, there are people by your side capable of loving, being loyal and sincere. People who want to walk with you towards your happiness.

Church dreams symbolize the value system of each individual, regardless of the doctrine they adhere to. These are dreams related to the search for a spirituality without any religious relationship, with only a symbolic association with the element.

Dreaming of a church procession shows the desire to be part of a group that shares the same judgments. These are socially constructed notions of right and wrong that are symbolized in the church because they are values ​​shared and widely disseminated by the institution.

It is a quest for truth, honesty, justice, loyalty and harmony, which arises from recent experiences that have hurt your values ​​and make you pursue a path that reconnects you with what you believe in.

Dreaming of a procession in different situations shows how your placement in the middle of a procession can change the interpretation of your dream. Wanting to go to a procession or to accompany it, in fact, have different meanings. While one reflects urgency, the other shows an intention to stay and a desire for change.

There are scenarios where you will be accompanied by someone you know, amidst the crowd of unfamiliar faces and the presence of that individual is fundamental for understanding the dreamed material. Read and understand.

To dream that you want to go to a procession reveals an urgency to be part of something. This type of dream shows that your current lifestyle has led you to isolation.

Your social withdrawal is causing anxiety, sadness and unhappiness, affecting your search for balance and well-being. You manifest, through the dream, the will to be part of a group with which you can share interests, share difficulties and celebrate victories.

A good way to participate in a community is through your hobbies. Practicing sports is an excellent alternative, as well as dancing, theater and other activities that bring together people capable of offering hospitality and making you feel comfortable.

When dreaming that you are accompanying a procession, you manifest your commitment to a group, whatever it may be.

It is a dream that shows that you are not only concerned with fulfilling your responsibilities, but are truly involved and have a real interest in working with others towards achieving a goal.

You feel like you belong to this group and you are receiving the necessary welcome that motivates you to continue treading a shared path towards achievement.

To dream that you are walking with someone in the procession represents parenting, it points to the desire for birth or the need for support in raising children.

All beliefs and religions that held or hold processions have in common the figure of a powerful Father God, as we can see in Christianity and pre-Christian religions.

There are two possible interpretations for this dream and both are related to the need to reach an agreement with your partner regarding children.

In the first case, you want to have a child and expect your partner to be on the same page as you. It is essential to start a conversation on the subject, ask him what he thinks, share fears and expectations, so that together they can find a solution.

In the second, the children already exist in a relationship and you miss having more support from your parenting partner. Once again, it will be necessary to talk about it to find an alternative that meets your needs, without losing the harmony of the relationship.

It will not always be the place or the way we stand in the middle of a procession that will be the highlight of a dream. Sometimes, other interpretations of dreaming about a procession are necessary to understand the message of your dream.

A funeral procession makes us fear death, but it shows that the concern lies elsewhere. Just like a Catholic procession, it may not be related to religion but to your attitudes. To understand better, follow along.

When dreaming of a funeral procession, the people around them cease to exert a significant symbolism for the dream, which finds its meaning in the march in honor of the dead.

It does not mean that the dream is related to death, but to attachment to the past. It represents striking and traumatic situations that prevent you from moving forward and living the present life. You keep walking towards these memories that stop you from going forward.

You have been harboring resentment, guilt, heartache and sadness, which generate anguish and prevent you from enjoying the now. Although these are uncontrollable memories, you must find ways to make peace with the past and reflect on why these situations come back to your mind. Only then will he be freed and able to find balance in his life.

Dreaming of a Catholic procession reveals its ambiguity. It shows that you, although endowed with moral values ​​that allow you to distinguish right from wrong, have acted contrary to what you believe.

This ambiguity is characteristic of this type of procession: they are events that unite the sacred with the profane; even if they take place in the name of faith and sacred doctrine, they commonly take place outside the church.

It is a dream that serves to show that you have not been completely honest with the people around you or with yourself. Their distance from what they believe in has affected their relationships with other individuals, making it necessary to review their attitudes and change the way they relate.

Processions are hierarchical movements where, at the front, are the most important figures of the procession and they are the guides of the path of those who participate. So far, there would be nothing unusual in the representation, but the situation becomes particular when there is the presence of an illustrious personality.

Dreaming of seeing the pope in the procession speaks of feelings of inferiority towards a group of people. The presence of the Holy Father shows that, although you recognize his potential and see yourself as a capable individual – after all, you have received such an honor – in your waking life, the rest of people do not see him that way.

It is a compensation dream that shows the need for recognition for your efforts. And it is important to pay attention to these feelings, because, when not addressed, they can lead to demotivation and a drop in performance.

Seek to impose yourself and show your qualities, as these are the attitudes that led you to the desired recognition and improvement in your quality of life.

Within the hierarchy of Christian processions, priests are the most important members of the ecclesiastical class. Despite this, the strong symbology of the Priest brings a special meaning to this dream.

The word Padre comes from the Latin “Pater”, which means “father”. Dreaming of a priest in the procession, which is an act of walking “beside”, reveals an inner desire to be part of your parent’s life.

It shows that there is a distance between you, which may not be physical, but affective. Your relationship with this figure was marked by rejection or censorship of your choices. Now, you look for repair.

It is a dream that expresses your desire to get closer and develop a healthy relationship with this individual.

Dreaming of the Virgin Mary in the procession expresses the desire to approach a fearless and influential female figure from her environment.

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