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9 prayers to get someone out of your way: enemy, rival and more!

Life is made up of many mysteries, and one of those is often finding out why someone doesn’t like you and wishes you harm. It is understood that the feeling that surrounds situations like this, most of the time, is envy.

This can be envy because you have an admirable relationship, a good professional position, success in all areas of life, etc. All this negativity coming from ill-intentioned people can cause you both physical and soul harm.

Thus, this is precisely why many end up resorting to specific prayers, as a form of protection to keep negative people out of their lives. Whatever your problem, a false friend, a toxic ex and others, know that these prayers can help you. Check out the best prayers to turn a person off your path!

Prince of the heavenly militia, São Miguel Archangel is considered one of the most powerful angels in heaven. With a reputation as a warrior, he fights against all kinds of evil. Very present in the Holy Scriptures, Miguel has followers around the world.

Your prayers against evil help in healing and deliverance. So if you are going through a problem like this, surely this prayer can help you. Check it out below!

Considered one of God’s most powerful angels, if there’s someone with bad intentions on your way, Miguel can help you. Great fighter for Christ, there is no evil that can defeat him. In this way, if you decide to resort to him, know that you will need to have a lot of faith and trust in this Archangel.

It will be of no use for you to seek information about him, to know that he is powerful, if, at the moment of connecting with the heavens, you utter the words only from the mouth out. Therefore, blindly trust in the powers of intercession of São Miguel Archangel.

According to the Holy Scriptures, the greatest and most striking battle of São Miguel Archangel was against Satan. Therefore, if Michael was able to defeat Lucifer, it is evident that, if you have faith, he will be fully capable of helping you to get rid of a negative person who is crossing your path.

Thus, this prayer consists of asking the angel to defend you in all hours of conflict, giving you strength and protection. Furthermore, the prayer is very clear in asking that, through the power of God, every type of negative spirit be removed from your life. So pray and trust.

Beloved Archangel Michael, defend me in times of conflict. Be my protection against all evil and temptations from visible and invisible forces. Weaken them, I humbly ask you. I beseech you, Prince of the Celestial Legion, by the power of God, remove from my atmosphere and from the Earth’s atmosphere all malicious spirits that seek to corrupt our souls.

Remove from my path all obstacles that try to prevent me from serving the light. Beloved presence of God, I Am in me, and beloved Archangel Michael, I love you. Send your angels with the Blue Flame sword and select from me everything that is not of light. Cut and Free me (Repeat nine times very quickly) from every line of force that connects me with imperfections of any kind, through, around or sent against me.

Project your blue flame light to dissolve each line of force until its end. I acted on my vehicles: physical, steric, mental and emotional, my aura, home, world, activities and finances. Select from my loved ones and from every chain that belongs to me, everything that is not of the light. Cut and release them (repeat nine times very quickly)

Place Your Cross of Blue Flame, in front of us, behind our backs, on both sides and seal, seal, seal us all with Your Cross of Blue Flame, now and forevermore. I AM WHAT I AM,
I AM WHAT I AM, I AM WHAT I AM. Thank you, Archangel Michael.

Surely, you realized that, from the height of so much heavenly power, Archangel Michael would not have just one prayer to keep negative people away from his path. In this way, below, you can check out another prayer from this powerful angel, who has this purpose. Keep reading and check out all the details!

Of one thing you can be sure: the Prince of the heavenly militia, São Miguel Archangel, is able to rid any evil of your life and offer you a shield of protection. However, it is important to point out that, for this, you need to trust him blindly.

Combatant of countless celestial battles, there is no evil that does not tremble in front of São Miguel Archangel. So, whatever the reason you want to remove an unwanted person from your life, know that you can count on this powerful Archangel.

The supplication of the prayer to Saint Michael consists of asking that, from the height of his generosity, the Archangel come to the aid of men, whatever their problems may be. The prayer is also reminiscent of the well-known battle of Michael against Lucifer, emphasizing the power of the angel in defeating the devil.

During the prayer, veneration for the mighty Celestial Prince can still be observed. Therefore, when performing it, it is essential that you really trust the words you will be uttering.

O glorious Archangel Saint Michael, Prince of the heavenly militia, be our defense in the terrible fight
that we take against the powers of the world of obscurity. Come to the aid of men,
whom God created in his Image and Likeness, and redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil.

Fight this day in the battle of the Lord, alongside the Holy Angels, as you once fought the leader of the proud angels, Lucifer, and his followers, who lost the battle and their place in Heaven.
That ancient and cruel serpent that seduces the world was thrown into the abyss along with his angels.
But now this enemy and destroyer of men strikes again.

Transformed into an angel of light he wanders, invading the earth with a multitude of evil spirits,
to try to erase from her the Name of God and of Christ, to take hold of eternal glory. This evil dragon pours out the most impure stream of his poison of evil on men of depraved minds and corrupt hearts, the spirit of lies, impiety, blasphemy.
and from all vices and iniquity.

We venerate you as a protector against the evil powers of hell; to you has God entrusted the souls of men who must be trained in holiness. Pray to the God of peace
to put Satan under your feet, so defeated that he can no longer return
to captivate men or harm the Church.

Offer our prayers before the eyes of the Most High, to obtain with them the mercy of the Lord; and defeating the dragon, the ancient serpent, shut him up once more in the abyss,
so that he may no longer seduce the nations. Amen. Look at the Cross of the Lord; ward off hostile powers.

The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered the lineage of David. He have mercy on us, O Lord. In You we trust O Lord, hear my prayer and may my supplication come to You.

In life, before converting to Catholicism, Saint Cyprian was a powerful and well-known sorcerer of his time. Thus, after his conversion and canonization, many faithful around the world began to turn to him for the most different requests.

That way, you can be sure that when it comes to unwanted people tormenting your life, he will certainly be able to help you too. Check out more details of this prayer!

Without a doubt, Saint Cyprian is one of the most controversial saints in Catholicism. This is precisely because, before his conversion, he was a powerful witch. However, despite the many enigmas surrounding him, it cannot be denied that, after becoming a saint, he always used his intercession to meet the requests of his faithful.

Thus, on top of all his power and influence, it is evident that, when it comes to something as serious as toxic people in your path, São Cipriano will also be able to listen carefully and help you in this mission.

The prayer dedicated to Saint Cyprian to remove an unwanted person from his path makes clear the desire and supplication to send his enemy far away. Through the intercession of this saint, together with a legion of angels, he is begged in this prayer for any kind of evil to be removed from his home, life, family, etc.

In this prayer, you can still specifically plead for the person who has wronged you. Asking her to stop bothering you and never hurt you again, pray, ask and trust.

Through the intercession of Saint Cyprian, and the entire choir of archangels, angels, saints and prophets. Lord, I beseech you to remove from me, from my house, from my life and from my family all evil, all envy, all pride, all selfishness!

I beg you that this person (name of the person who is disturbing your life) be put in his place, that he stop disturbing my home, my life and my family.

May she never be able to shake my faith! I beg you, Lord, by the powers of Saint Cyprian that you intercede for me in this battle! May this person (repeat the name) forever break his ties with me, may he lose envy, may he lose the desire to do me harm and to destroy me. Amen.

When it comes to breaking spells and removing unwanted magic and people, one of the first saints to be remembered is usually São Bento. This is because, since his time in life, Saint Benedict has always had the gift of prophecy, even predicting his own death.

Furthermore, just through the sign of the cross, Saint Benedict was able to perform countless miracles. These facts made him even create a medal as a form of his faith. Check out your prayer below!

In life, São Bento was always a good and upright man. However, not even that saved him from suffering persecution and even attacks. Thus, his story can serve as an example for you, who have been suffering from bad companions in your life.

Understand that, many times, good people also go through difficulties and, at that moment, only faith can help you. Therefore, go to São Bento with great confidence and have faith that he will intercede for you.

The supplication to Saint Benedict already begins asking for the saint to free his faithful from any kind of temptation from the enemy. Another important point is when the prayer makes clear the believer’s will to want to belong to heaven.

To do so, he must be willing to renounce anything evil that prevents him from doing so. Consecration of his entire life to Christ, to…

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