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Tarot cards 2022- What is the ruling Arcane and predictions

At Tarot cards 2022 can bring assertive predictions of what our next year will be like. Making an appointment with a tarologist can help you improve several areas of your life.

Tarot cards can point out trends of our future. Knowing what tends to happen, you will be able to wait for the arrival of 2022 more prepared, either to not let an opportunity slip away or to circumvent possible obstacles that may hinder the achievement of your goals.

And to consult the 2022 tarot cards, you don’t even have to leave the house, just access the tarotists page and select the professional you most identify with.

Remote consultation can be carried out either by phone, chat or email. You choose.

But in addition to making the consultation, you can get an idea of ​​what the next year will be like by identifying what the ruling charter will be and what it means.

This card will point out, in general, the energy that will influence our actions throughout the year, so you will know if you will be more practical, calmer, more hectic, if it will be a more challenging year, with many changes or more peaceful.

In this article, we reveal the ruling tarot card of 2022 and the predictions it contains.

Regent Tarot Card 2022

To find out what the ruling Tarot card of 2022 will be, we ask Numerology for a little help. That is, we add up all the numbers for the year:

2+0+2+2 = 6

By adding up all the digits contained in the number 2022, we arrive at 6, that is, the energy of this number will govern the year. Consequently, the ruling charter will be the Loverswhich is the Major Arcana number 6.

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This card talks about romance, affective relationship, decisions. It also indicates harmony, perfection and attractiveness.

The advice of this arcane is to have open communication and honesty in relationships, be they love, friendship or family.

In addition to the Lovers, we will have another Tarot card influencing 2022: The crazywhich is the 22nd Major Arcana.

This arcane brings movement and changes and asks people to leave the past behind and move forward, without fear of being happy.

Tarot prediction for 2022

The 2022 Tarot cards indicate that the year will be focused on affective relationships. Prepare your heart that cupid will attack 🏹

Who is totally alone and wants to find love, the advice of the letter The Lovers is to flirt a lot because there are great chances that you will find your soulmate in 2022.

If you’re currently dating someone, watch out: this relationship will likely become something more serious in the next year.

Those who have been dating for many years can already see marriage at the end of the tunnel.

Married women, on the other hand, will feel a greater connection with their husbands and the relationship will grow stronger.

For those who are happy alone and don’t want to get involved with anyone, the tip is to enjoy and date yourself, love and take care of yourself! Enjoy life, meet people, play!

According to the Tarot Cards 2022, the coming year will also put you in situations where you will have to do hard choices. And the worst: you will have to make these choices alone, at your own risk.

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2022 tarot cards predictions for work

When it comes to professional life, the card “Os Enamorados” points to open doors. That is, 2022 will bring many opportunities for people to grow professionally.

However, as mentioned earlier, work will be filled with difficult decisions, whether related to routine situations or even choosing between two different jobs. But the important thing is that money won’t be a big issue for next year.

Some important features to spend 2022 in a balanced way are: waist game, diplomacy and search for harmony.

The Fool’s Predictions

As The Fool card will also greatly influence 2022, expect sudden changes, attitudes from you that you will later consider them a little insane and breaking of patterns and prejudices.

Draw Tarot Cards Free 2022

Since 2022 will be the year of relationships, how about finding out a little more about your love life through our Free Online Love Tarot?

To play, it’s very simple: enter our Love Tarot page, focus all your energy on one question, click shuffle and choose a card. The chosen card will bring the answer you are looking for.


Some questions you can ask for the Tarot of Love online and free are:

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  • Should I finish with my current one?
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