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Prayer to keep your job – Blog

Every company undergoes reforms and restructuring, which often, as a result, affect the workforce. – see a prayer to keep the job and not feel insecure. In situations of uncertainty, the level of anxiety of employees increases and ends up negatively impacting production, in addition to making people increasingly nervous and making the environment totally unpleasant.

Even if companies go through such moments, it is worth remembering that you must do your part as a member of the team. Nobody wants as part of the team someone who doesn’t add and fulfill their responsibilities.

Here are some tips on how to be a good professional:

  • Be ethical and be polite
  • Don’t mix personal problems with those of the company
  • be impartial
  • take initiative
  • Learn to receive criticism and use it to improve
  • Be punctual
  • I focus on deadlines and goals
  • keep everything organized
  • Cultivate a good relationship with co-workers
  • always do your best
  • Wear the company shirt!

Sometimes, even doing our part correctly, we realize that for some reason things don’t evolve well, as if something is preventing our success.

Unfortunately, we are affected by envy on a daily basis, even in the workplace. That person you think is your friend is actually the first person who is planning to outmaneuver you. That’s why it’s important to always keep us safe. A divine help can make all the difference, a prayer to keep your job tends to protect you from evil eyes. See below.

Prayer to keep the job

Lord, deliver me from the spirit of laziness, consumerism and waste so that I do not see poverty and need within my home. Give me a great love of work, responsibility and serenity in the face of my obligations.

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When I get up, Lord, never forget to thank you for another day that you give me and do everything with joy, love and safety, even in the face of those who try to ensnare my feet in their ambushes, certain that you take care from me at all times.

May I not love sleep more than necessary for my health, lest I become impoverished and even the simple daily bread will fail me. Make me punctual, fulfilling every word I commit, even if many do not fulfill what they promise me. May my yes, always be yes, and my no, no.

Deliver me from all half-truths or insecurities, for you hate lying and are not pleased with falsehood: he who works with deceitful hands, impoverishes; never withhold what is not fair to retain or belong to me lest I pay for it a hundredfold and still lose it. Make me generous so that, in addition to pleasing You, I always find you in prosperity.

Give me to do justice to all, so that my spirit may be freed from all imprisonment; let my hands work honestly so that poverty does not overtake me at the end of the road; know how to contain my expenses, remembering the needs of so many brothers who suffer; the spirit of violence depart from me that I may know Your most special blessings;

Don’t ever see me upset by disobeying Your Laws; may safety and strength accompany me every day for walking in sincerity and under Your protection. May I seek You, Lord, before all riches, for Your fruit is more than refined gold and Your Words richer than all the jewels of this world. Amen!

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Besides the prayer to keep the job you can also enjoy special baths to keep yourself away from all evil.

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