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Perform sympathy to find a great love – Blog

Who never dreamed of finding a great love? Many single people seek to find a serious relationship, but they don’t always succeed.

So it’s time to leave this single life behind to live a great love. For the romantics on duty, here at we have the solution!

Check out below some sympathies that can give you a stray to find a great love:

Sympathy to find great love with scarf

On a Monday, buy a white scarf and keep it in your underwear drawer. On Friday morning, put three drops of lavender perfume on your handkerchief, fold it in two and sleep with it under your pillow.

The next day put it back in the drawer and leave it there until your wish comes true.

Sympathy to find a great love with bath

Boil some orange and navel lime leaves in two liters of water. Add a teaspoon of pure honey and three drops of your perfume. Wait for it to cool down and throw it in your body, from the neck down, mentalizing your desire.

Sympathy to find a great love with petals

To make this sympathy you need to crush three red rose petals and put it inside the bottle of your favorite perfume saying: “I will be attractive and I will have in my arms whoever I want”. Pass the perfume behind your ear and on your wrists whenever you leave the house to find great love.

Sympathy to find a great love with photo

When you do this sympathy, go to the edge of a river with the photo of your ex-love and throw it in the water. Collect three portions of soil or sand from the river and place in a used glass.

Then, under any fruit tree but a lemon tree, take three servings of sugar, three spoons of honey and three petals of a red rose. Make a hole near the root of this tree, bury the cup and cover well, until the soil is level.

According to experts, in order to perform any kind of sympathy, it is necessary to have faith and concentration, otherwise it does not have the same effect.

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