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Hairstyle for Rock In Rio 2022: 15 easy-to-copy options

O Rock In Rio is back in September 2022 and promises days of lots of music and fun. And to enjoy the event in the best possible way, the choice of look, hairstyle and makeup makes all the difference. If you’re going to this year’s edition and don’t know what to do with your hair – and looking for something easy to reproduce – check out the 15 best hairstyle options to bet.

For festivals, especially Rock In Rio, which is in Rio de Janeiro, the ideal is to bet on updo hairstyles. So, you can look beautiful from start to finish and without spending too much heat with your hair on your body. Also, unlike wearing just your hair down, wind and humidity don’t easily spoil your look.

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Bubble braid on bangs is an easy option to play

In a few minutes you will have an amazing hairstyle, even if you don’t have the skills to do it. Just go fastening a strand with elastic and pulling it out, thus forming the bubbles:

The semi-prisoner is successful for its versatility and beauty

There’s no secret, just part your hair in the middle and the top, secure the top of your head in a ponytail. To look amazing, you can model the wires with a curling iron or finish your curls:

Semi-updo duo bun is also an easy and stylish option to use as a hairstyle at Rock In Rio 2022

A double bun, one on each side, is an amazing and cool option to bet on, and it is also very easy to reproduce at home:

The inlay braid is always present at festivals

A slightly more complex hairstyle, but also simple to reproduce at home. Just start the braid at the top of the head and join the other strands to the end of the hair:

Bet on the hairstyle with colorful braids to rock the look of Rock In Rio 2022

To make the look even more amazing, you can use colored yarn to make your braids at home:

The bubble braid in the ponytail is simple to do at home and perfect for a different look.

In this inspiration, an accessory was used along with the braid to bring an even more beautiful effect and the top is well secured, finished with gel or fixative. Perfect for the ‘summer’ of Rio:

But if you want the basics, bet on the ponytail with loose bangs as a hairstyle for Rock In Rio 2022

The ponytail has no mistake and you can abuse this hairstyle without fear of making mistakes. It’s fresh and looks amazing:

The ponytail with glitter is the ideal option to attract attention at Rock In Rio 2022

Now, if you want to innovate your ponytail, invest in accessories or bet on glitter to transform the look:

Bubble braid with regular braid on the fringe for those who are a fan of this hairstyle style

The combination of two different hairstyles is perfect for those looking for a very relaxed style for this year’s festival:

Baby braids can’t be left out of this edition

Here on the site we have a selection of hairstyle ideas with baby braids, which will undoubtedly be the biggest hit at Rock In Rio 2022:

Another basic option for those who want a simple hairstyle for Rock In Rio 2022

A semi-prisoner with a simple tail, for those looking for practicality for this year’s edition!

Bucket hat will be the biggest hit this year, bet without fear!

The use of accessories, especially at this festival, which takes place all day, is more than a mere complement. In the strong sun, the hat can keep you protected and stylish at the same time:

And of course, it goes with a lot of different looks:

If you are looking for other accessories, also invest in the scarf

Another way to complete the look for Rock In Rio 2022 and transform your look is to wear a scarf. Bandanas are classic in this festival style:

Or if you prefer, a hat to make the most of the festival

Finally, if you prefer a classic hat, know that it is also possible to bet!

Now just choose the hairstyle that best suits you and enjoy the best of Rock In Rio 2022!

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