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What are the kids of 10+ celebrities who are private about their personal lives like?

What do you think? Celebrity child… celebrity is it? For some celebrities, this phrase is an absolute truth. The son of presenter Karina Bacchi, Enrico Bacchi, is only 2 years old and already owns an official profile on Instagram — and, amazingly, with almost 3 million followers. While certain celebrities don’t mind showing photos of their children on social media, ...

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22 Animals That Aren’t Having a Good Day With Their Hair

Whenever we see an animal and are impressed by its beauty, the ‘fault’ is usually the fur. However, some animals are not always lucky and sometimes have to face a completely wrong hairstyle. When that happens, they quickly become a laughing stock. Today the awesome.club brings you some super fun images of catastrophic hairstyles of some animals for you to ...

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20+ Photos of animals that are a real riddle for our brain

Photography is an art that allows us to remember and reproduce unique moments, whether they are from our personal or professional lives, or even the pets present in our daily lives. Fortunately, there are numerous techniques for capturing great photos from different angles and perspectives. Especially if the protagonists have the gift of making them even more creative, if not ...

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Great stories that could only happen to college students

University years are a wonderful time, which is full of beautiful and amazing moments. The first love, the parties, the romantic life in the dorm… And still the constant lack of money, sleepless nights and grumpy teachers. O awesome.club compiled 11 charming stories that show that the university years are a difficult but unforgettable period in the lives of everyone ...

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15+ Behind the Scenes Pictures That Change the Way We See Some Famous Movies (New Selection)

Cinema is constantly evolving. Throughout its history, certain technological advances have opened countless doors for filmmakers. For example, from technicolor it was possible to start showing color films, but there was also the emergence of green screens, which allowed the creation of new worlds in fiction. The motion capture process — a recording technique that involves transposing all movements performed ...

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8 Cases in which fans did not agree with the actor’s choice for a role

On March 16, 2019, information began to circulate that the new Batman could be played by Robert Pattinson. Internet reactions were mostly negative, both against the studio and against the actor. Several petitions emerged with the intention of canceling the decision. On May 31st, rumors about Pattinson’s casting were confirmed. It is worth mentioning that this was not the first ...

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