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Can Capricorn and Aquarius have a lasting relationship?

Capricorn and Aquarius are very different, but different does not always mean bad. In fact, they have a lot to learn from each other and will be able to evolve a lot together.

She likes slow music
And I prefer rock’n’roll
She said she never attends
The same places I go
She made the world colorful
But I prefer the dark
I just want to be okay
But she’s been saying it’s passion

The opposites attract themselves
I know the focus of my vision
it’s your image
The opposites attract themselves
I know positive thoughts invade
Our love

As in the song “Os Opostos”, by Vitor Kley, Capricorn and Aquarius are extremely different. They will need a lot of patience to understand each other’s “weirdnesses” and accept them.

However, with patience and flexibility, this can be a lasting relationship.

Does Capricorn match Aquarius?

Taking into account only the characteristics of each of these signs, we can be direct and say that Capricorn does not get along well with Aquarius.

The success of the relationship between Capricorn and Aquarius will mainly depend on how tolerant the Goat will be towards Aquarius’ futuristic personality.

The reverse also applies. Aquarius will have to accept Capricorn’s conservative ways and insistence on the status quo. For Aquarius, the status quo is the biggest bullshit there is since he doesn’t care what other people think.

If Aquarius is making his contribution to society, he will be fulfilled, regardless of whether he has a car of the year, a nice house or status.

Another glaring difference between them: Capricorn likes to be dressed impeccably, with designer clothes and everything to match.

For Aquarius, appearance is what matters the least. This person will always have a weird haircut and clothes bought at the corner fair that barely harmonize with each other.

This carelessness and originality in dressing and the way Aquarius doesn’t care about social traditions and cultures afflicts Capricorn. He wants to be well regarded by family, neighbors and friends and Aquarius’ lack of manners will drive him crazy.

The Capricorn native is usually a serious person, who carries a shy smile accompanied by a sparkling look and has a strong practical sense.

Aquarius will try to bring down Capricorn’s seriousness. This sign will shock the goat in a variety of ways when she least expects it.

Anyway, Aquarius tends to be more sympathetic to these little Capricorn “flaws” and give in a little. That way, if you both take on the challenge of being together, you can learn amazing lessons from each other.

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Capricorn and Aquarius in Love

We know that Capricorn with Aquarius doesn’t work out in many ways, however, only one interest to Capricorn: financial. If this couple manages to understand each other in this sector, the relationship has a great chance of being lasting.

Capricorn needs financial security not to freak out. This sign tends to have a reasonable bank balance. On the other hand, Aquarius doesn’t usually do anything reasonable. He is only interested in contributing to the knowledge of the world and nothing else matters.

If Aquarius implies Capricorn avarice, we can see a very happy couple walking around, especially after a few years.

Capricorn gets along well with Aquarius when both are older. That is, if you insist on this love and have patience, there will come a time when you will understand each other, even if now it seems that the personality and habits of the other are very strange to you.

Relationship between Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn woman with Aquarius man

One thing is certain: even after years of dating, the Capricorn will find the Aquarius strange and he will always surprise her in his actions and choices. She will never get to know him fully. She alone will be sure that he is unpredictable!

The Capricorn woman will take time to understand the eccentricities of the Aquarius native. On this journey, she may be tempted to try to change him.

She knows he’s not just a weirdo, that he has great qualities and that one day he could be the husband and father she would like. But it bothers her a lot that he doesn’t know how to behave in society. For Capricorn, it is essential that you maintain a respectable image in public.

If this native insists on trying to fit you into society’s standards, she could be very disappointed. The Aquarius man doesn’t mind being respected. He doesn’t care what others think or say about him. And that, from time to time, will be the cause of some friction between them.

The Aquarius is very individualistic within a relationship and has very eloquent ideas and opinions. The Capricorn woman is also somewhat individualistic and has very different ideas and opinions from his.

The point here is that she keeps her opinions to herself to avoid being judged by others. Aquarius, on the other hand, announces his eccentricities to the four winds.

What will define whether Capricorn and Aquarius will understand each other within a relationship will be how they will deal with all these differences.

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learning from each other

The Capricorn world is not an invented place. It’s a realistic world. The Aquarian lives in the future, in an idealized and utopian world.
Capricorn never craves what cannot be achieved. Even his wishes are within the possible and deserved. Aquarius, on the other hand, dreams of a perfect and unattainable world.

Living in either extreme may not be the best case scenario. If Capricorn learns to dream with Aquarius and Aquarius learns to keep their toes on the ground, they might find a perfect middle ground to be in.

The Aquarius man has many friends and the Capricorn woman needs to accept their friendships. Friends for him is a sacred post.

The Capricorn wife is usually discreet and quiet, which is a good thing in the combination of Capricorn and Aquarius. But it will be necessary for her not to be so quiet that Aquarius forgets she is there. This native is very free and needs to be reminded quite often that he has a wife.

Aquarius tends to arouse irrational jealousy in women, even the calm and placid Capricorn. But rest assured, this has nothing to do with infidelity. It’s just that he has a lot of friends, treats everyone well and sometimes forgets to give his wife due attention. So don’t be afraid to remind him that you’re there, waiting for a cuddle.

Aquarius woman with Capricorn man

Usually, the relationship between Capricorn and Aquarius starts well and goes for a long time without conflicts. However, overnight, she decides to change her mind and plans, leaving Capricorn extremely angry and shaken.

And she will probably also be nervous because she has been subjected to a very long period of Capricorn discipline. That is, when two people want to fight, you can be sure that an explosion of frustration will occur.

So the first thing an Aquarius woman needs to learn when getting involved with a Capricorn is not to change plans. The deal is not expensive and you can’t just change your mind when you relate to this native.

It’s also important that you respect his family above all else. He adores your parents and wants you to adore them too, despite all the flaws they may have.

Even if there’s something you don’t like about his family, keep it to yourself. Do not say. Too much honesty in this case is more of a hindrance than a help.

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On his side, there is a secret admiration for Aquarian wisdom. Capricorn knows that she has many things to teach him. She will also be kindly tolerant of your inexplicable depressions and sour moods.

Capricorn and Aquarius

This couple has few motivations in common. But they may find something that is a common focal point that will sustain the relationship, be it home or family, for example.

If they are really in love, both will try to ignore the obvious differences in their nature and personality. One will try to mold the other and the Aquarius woman will probably be more molded than the Capricorn man, as she is more flexible and adaptable.

And the Aquarius woman will change without any problem because she knows it’s worth making herself malleable to keep his love. Aquarius rarely falls in love, but when it does, it’s for real.

And this change will not be any sacrifice for her, since changing is something very easy for Aquarius, it will be a natural process for this woman.

Despite so many differences, Capricorn and Aquarius are united by an invisible vibration of integrity. That’s what attracts the Capricorn man to this woman, besides her exotic beauty, of course!

And despite being strange and even incoherent, the Aquarius woman admires Capricorn’s old-fashioned views. After all, that was why she fell in love with him, knowing that she had found a stable man who would always be in the same place when she needed him.

Aquarius is already a chameleon. She doesn’t need a chameleon, she needs a man who provides security to complement her.

So, the advice for this couple is: don’t be discouraged by so many differences between you. Over time, they will soften, you will adapt to each other and find the perfect fit.

Capricorn and Aquarius in bed

Sex between Capricorn and Aquarius is unpredictable. In fact, everything about Aquarius is unpredictable. Your attitude toward physical intimacy can range from intense curiosity to detached acceptance.

Capricorn, on the other hand, sees sex as a mating feeling coupled with a duty of love.

Capricorn and Aquarius accept sex as it is, without excessive passion or emotional storms. They deeply enjoy their intimacy and are usually happy in bed, neither underestimating nor overestimating the sexual act.

Capricorn and Aquarius kiss is intimate and sensitive.

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