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Young Russian woman travels the world by clicking different female beauties

Beauty is not just a matter of having an attractive face. In fact, everything can be considered beautiful, it just depends on who sees it. Polina Brzhezinskaya, Russian photographer, knows this very well. Recording different forms of female beauty around the world, she has been expanding the limits of what can be considered attractive.

O incredible.club wants to show some images produced by Polina around the world. Take the chance and learn more about this beautiful work.

1. “The most beautiful people in the world live here…”

2. But what is beauty? What can be considered beautiful?

3. Beautiful is… when faces light up and shine with many colors!

4. No matter what your skin tone…

5. …or the religion we practice

6. Regardless of how much we strip ourselves…

7. Or not!

8. Beauty is in our eyes…

9. Beauty is in our smiles…

10. Beauty can be found in our soul…

11. Beauty is in the dreams of the young… and in the wisdom of the elderly!

12. Beauty is… discovering ourselves!

13. Being beautiful is… knowing how to build ourselves!

14. Beauty is in the power of a hug!

15. More supportive and kind beings are always more beautiful!

16. As well as strong and determined individuals!

17. Beauty is being different, independent…

18. …but always with a sense of unity!

19. Beauty is in diversity… and in what unites us!

20. Beauty is for everyone. All are beautiful. All. All

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