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you lost a woman


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I know that everyone knows where the callus presses. I know that everyone knows when to finish something, stop and untie a knot. I know that when a feeling is gone, maintaining a relationship is almost impossible. Looking at the other and not finding yourself there anymore, it only weighs. I also know that you may have that feeling of delaying the other person and it really hurts, I can’t disagree. I can imagine the relief you’re feeling now that it’s all over, but I need to warn you about the big woman you lost. AND Mind you, it’s a warning, not a criticism.

She’s still scared of her decision and, deep down, a little hurt. She really loves you and everything you say you don’t feel anymore, she still feels double. It has crossed her mind to continue with your relationship and for her to love for two, but it’s not fair. It’s true that she gave up a lot for you, but don’t think that it was a burden on her. Why man, when we love, we give up now to keep something for the future. She is no longer in the general catch phase and let’s face it, neither are you. You are in the phase of thinking about family, future.

I understand that for you it is now the phase of enjoying the single life, with a full schedule with your friends and meeting new people. You haven’t even stopped to think about how much she will be missed. Why she will do, get used to it. You will remember her when your friend’s girlfriend comments that she saw her on the street. You’re going to miss it when you gather that group of couples of friends of yours for the weekend and she’s not. When you drink that wine you used to drink together every Wednesday night. When your casual sex, casual kissing, casual people get tired you will remember her. When the night gets too cold, you’ll remember her warm embrace.

I know that her absence will weigh heavily when you see her car driving down your street, and her dancing to her favorite song and not even looking towards your house. You will miss it when your single life passes and you see that you kissed empty mouths and hers was full of feeling. When you see her smile, having someone else as a reason, you will miss it. When you go to her door with wine in one hand and candy in the other, and find out she doesn’t even live there anymore, it’s going to hurt. No, now you’ll think that everything I’m saying is banal and doesn’t make any sense. I get it.

I’m not judging you, I’m just warning you. A woman like that you don’t find easy. A woman who would do anything for you and who day after day improved for you. Her thoughts have always been your future and your happiness. Always in the plural. Her dreams were hers too and she wanted to fulfill them all by her side. And being by her side, when everything came true, because she felt the greatest pride in the world to have you close to her. You filled a void that had been there for years, echoing inside her. She is a respectable woman, independent, intelligent, down to earth, beautiful inside and out, fun, authentic and you know this.

So man, rekindle what you felt for her. For your own good. Because when she gets really well, when she recovers from the blow, who will suffer will be you. But if you don’t want to listen to me, that’s fine. Remember that saying: we only appreciate when we lose? Unlike you, she valued you while she had it, you will when she doesn’t.

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