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Yellow dress: how to create non-obvious looks with this warm color

Yellow is a color that brightens up any look, makes everything more cheerful, alive and with a stronger personality. Generally, it’s a color related to hotter days, sun and beach, but it’s versatile and goes from the basic to the elaborate look, without mistake.

In the dresses, the color brings an extra lightness to the look, along with a touch of relaxation and style. The looser models are perfect for a casual look, while the more structured ones, with volume and accompanied by a third piece, are ideal for more formal events.

If you are still afraid to wear a full yellow dress, start with combinations, using a denim jacket, or a gray blazer to break the tone a little. The printed yellow dresses are also a charm apart and a great option for those who are starting to use the color.

Because it’s a color that attracts attention, it can seem difficult to put together creative and stylish looks at the same time, so we’ve put together some tips on how to wear the yellow dress in partnership with personal style consultant Cintia Cortez.

casual yellow dress

A loose, light, unpretentious yellow dress is ideal for casual looks. “To compose the yellow dress on a daily basis, combine it with warm tones, such as orange and red, for harmonious and soft looks. And for impact compositions and greater visual interest, combine with purple, which is the complementary color of yellow”, tips from the consultant.

yellow flared dress

This model brings an extra dose of romanticism and femininity to the look. Cintia gives a tip to enhance this style even more, which is to add a thin belt at the waist. On the feet, a nice pair of sandals, or a nude pump to elongate the silhouette and make everything more balanced.

printed yellow dress

The prints make the production more charming and even more fashionista. For the avoidance of doubt, Cintia gives some tips for prints on the yellow dress: “the tropical print is super high and brings the summer mood to the look! Use it on more informal occasions. The geometric ones in structured fabrics can be used at work, especially with nude accessories, which highlight the dress.”

short yellow dress

Versatile, this model goes from a walk on the beach to a Friday night club. The accessories, as always, will give the final touch to the production. “For a more sophisticated and visually elongated look, prefer short dresses with no neckline in the back or bust. Wear more subtle accessories and choose closed shoes that show the instep, like a peep toe”, advises Cintia.

midi yellow dress

The darling length of fashionistas on duty is perfect for composing more comfortable and modern looks. To maintain the idea of ​​a fashion look, the consultant recommends betting on blue and red accessories, creating a triadic color composition.

long yellow dress

The long yellow dress brings elegance and modernity to the look. Whether for a weekend getaway or even a more formal event. Check out Cintia’s tips: “in general, the looser ones with slits are ideal for summer weekends. The more structured ones with full-bodied fabrics can be used at work, with a navy blue suit, to bring more seriousness to the look.”

yellow lace dress

“The lace is super feminine and delicate, but in yellow it already takes on a contemporary and creative air”, explains the personal style consultant. If you want to break the super-feminine style a bit, pair the yellow lace dress with a third piece, like a denim jacket tied at the waist, or complete the look with sneakers.

yellow party dress

The yellow dress is always among the darlings when it comes to partying. Cintia explains that there are no dress code restrictions to wear yellow at parties, but the fabric must be very sophisticated and with a great fit. She also gives tips on types of fabrics for choosing the right dress: “light fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin and crepe are great for a softer and more delicate look. On the other hand, fabrics that are more full-bodied, such as brocade, sable and velvet itself, give the look more royalty.”

7 amazing yellow dresses to buy online

Check out a selection of yellow dresses below for you to buy online and rock your everyday outfits:

There are numerous options of models and styles, from long, short, patterned or plain dresses. Choose your favorite!

More inspiring looks with yellow dress

We separate some images of bloggers wearing a yellow dress to inspire their looks. Check out!

Now that you’ve checked out our tips and images from bloggers, just get inspired and create beautiful looks with the yellow dress.

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