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Wreath: understand what it is and find out how to choose yours

The wreath is a key piece in the composition of a bride’s look. If you came here looking for ideas about this accessory, get ready to know everything about it. Here you will know the concept of this item, what types there are, you will learn how to make your own and you will be inspired by 15 special images that we have separated for you. Come on?

what is wreath

The wreath is the accessory that goes in the bride’s hair. It can be used just as an ornament, in the most varied formats: tiara, clip, cap, among others, and can also be used to hold the veil, which is a light and thin fabric that covers (or not) the bride’s face. .

In addition to the veil, there are other items that fulfill this same function, such as the mantilla, which is made of a heavier and more detailed fabric, and the voilette, a white net that is held by a clip and covers part of the bride’s face.

types of wreath

So that you don’t miss the chance to choose the ideal wreath for your celebration, we’ve separated the details of the 5 different styles of this item. See which best suits your style and ceremony:


The piece is responsible for framing the face, following the contour of the head. It can be used for both night and day events. It is a wreath suitable for romantic brides or for modern brides who prefer simpler accessories.


It has teeth, like a comb and gives a lot of firmness to the hairstyle. It is suitable for daytime weddings, but depending on the composition, they are great for nighttime events as well. It is a piece for more discreet brides, who value simplicity, or for the more modern ones, adept at minimalism.


It is fixed on top of the head and it can have different sizes. It is the darling of classic brides, but in its thinner versions, it goes well with modern ones too. It is a style best suited for evening wedding parties.


Usually made with flowers, this piece goes around the entire head. It is also an item suitable for brides with a more romantic character and for events during the day, in the countryside or on the beach.


It’s a more versatile accessory, usually attached to the side of the hair. Despite being more discreet, it can receive beautiful compositions of stones, leaving the look more stylish and glamorous. It’s great for modern brides or for simpler events.

Hard to choose just one, right? We understand you well! But know that regardless of your decision, surely any of them will look beautiful on you. Just understand the style of your dress and your ceremony, to be able to create a more harmonious look that makes you comfortable.

Learn more about wreaths and learn how to make your own

Want to learn more about the different styles of wreath and be able to make your own accessory? See amazing and easy tutorials to make your own wreath. Check out!

Learn to choose the wreath

See all the tips that Angélica Lima has to help you choose the perfect wreath. She shows the most varied types of this accessory, mentions the usefulness for each bridal style, event and teaches how to use each one of them.

flower wreath for wedding

Learn how to create your flower wreath step by step with all the tips from Elaine Souza. It’s easy, cheap and ideal for a daytime wedding and a bride who wants a more romantic event.

Create your own pearl tiara

In this video you will learn how to create your own pearl tiara. In addition to being beautiful, this model is very versatile and combines with different styles. It is the wreath that carries romanticism and modernity at the same time. Check out the simple step by step.

Learn how to create a comb wreath

In this video you will learn how to make a comb wreath to decorate your hairstyle. Perfect for daytime events, this accessory is ideal for you if you consider that less is more. The tutorial is very explanatory and easy to reproduce.

See how easy it can be to create your own wreath? You can take advantage of the tips and vary the materials, so that it looks even more your face. To help you better choose your piece, check out beautiful inspiration photos that we have selected for you.

15 wreath photos to compose your wedding look

Now that you know what is the best style for each event and type of bride, see beautiful inspirations for you to choose the ideal wreath for you.

1. No one can resist the charm of the side wreath

2. The crown style reveals great queens

3. And they are wonderful!

4. She has a very romantic streak

5. Flowers are classic

6. And this simpler style is a charm

7. The worked yarns are also a beautiful option

8. Or how about Greek-style sheets?

9. The wreath is a touch of purity

10. And you can even match it with the bouquet

11. Flower wreaths are really amazing


12. Beauty exists in a small model too

13. And she can also intertwine with her hair

14. There are many styles to choose from

15. Which is your favorite?

We hope we have helped you on this journey of choosing your wreath. This is just one of the small details of your wedding! See also some tips about the flowers of your event!

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