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Wooden comb: know the benefits of this item for your locks

The wooden comb holds many benefits for your hair, in addition to simply detangling it. It can be used on all types of locks with different textures, from the curliest to the smoothest. After reading the article, you will want to retrieve that comb from the back of your drawer or buy a brand new one. Check out!

7 benefits of the wooden comb

Here, you will know the great benefits that the comb made of wood can provide to your hair. Get ready to swap out your plastic comb for a much more beneficial material. We are sure that you will change your mind after knowing these advantages. Look that:

1. Does not change the shape of curls

Losing the shape of curls can be a big problem for curly women. For this, avoid combing the curls when they are dry and try to comb them during the shower, when washing your hair, or leave the strands damp before combing. This also helps to prevent the formation of knots in the strands. The wooden comb with wide teeth is the most suitable for those who have curly hair.

2. Removes knots from wet hair

If you love to comb your hair in the shower, never fail to do this practice and include the wooden comb at this time. During hair washing, the strands become silkier and softer, which facilitates the detangling of the locks. For this, wide bristles are also always the most suitable.

3. Perfect for fine and brittle hair

Wood has the ability to neutralize static when it comes to combing hair. If you have fine strands, your hair certainly tends to break more easily, and the wooden comb helps the locks and helps prevent frizz from brittle hair.

4. Fine bristles for straight hair

Just like the curly ones, those with straight hair don’t like to lose the shape of their hair when combing them. Straight hair, in turn, requires a mixture of two types of bristles: to untangle the strands, it is recommended to use wide bristle combs and then use fine bristles to help smooth even more straight hair.

5. Adapts to your wires

A curiosity about the wooden comb is that, with the passage of time and use, the material is able to absorb the natural oil of your hair. This absorption always returns to nourish the hair when you use it. Therefore, it is very important not to share your comb, so that there is no mixture of natural nutrients that are unique to your hair.

6. Ideal for sensitive scalp

Many women have sensitive scalps and the wooden comb is great for this, as it doesn’t generate as much friction with the wires. Unlike plastic combs, which usually pull the strands a lot, with wood you will feel a lot of difference when combing your hair. Just take the test and you will understand how it works!

7. It is the best frizz eliminator

If frizz is the biggest enemy of female hair, the wooden comb is your hair’s best friend. You know those goosebumps and unwanted wires after the brushes? The use of this comb may be what is needed to finish them off, due to the effect of static neutralization. The plastic comb does not have this feature, so it generates a lot of frizz in the locks.

Did you see how using this item can be much more effective for your hair? Now that you understand the benefits of using this comb, learn how to clean and maintain it to ensure beneficial use.

How to clean wooden comb

Unlike hairbrushes, the wooden comb is very easy to clean. Learn the step-by-step procedure for cleaning this important material for the hair, and remember to carry out this procedure every 15 days.

  • Remove the strands that are still present on your wooden comb;
  • In a container, add plenty of water and a little mild liquid soap or children’s shampoo;
  • Leave the comb in this container for at least 30 minutes;
  • After removing it, use a soft toothbrush, which is not for personal use, and pass it in each corner of your comb;
  • Finally, wash it with plenty of cold water, dry it with a clean cloth and let it finish drying naturally.

Now that you already know the efficiency of the wooden comb, what are you waiting for to get yours? It is an essential item for your hair! Also understand how to end the frizz that insists on appearing in your wires.

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