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Women’s wellies: how to adopt them in your daily life

They may even have been born in England, but it’s been many years since the wellies left British soil and conquered the world. Initially made only of rubber and serving as a utilitarian item in the wardrobe (they are indispensable shoes for rainy and cold days), they definitely ended up finding their space in fashion. Today, in addition to appearing in looks of different styles, the wellies have also gained new versions, both in material, such as those made of plastic, and in patterns, such as those with polka dots, stripes, prints… Just choose yours!

According to personal stylist Ana Franco, “the wellies continue to be an accessory for rainy days, but with a more modern and stylish design, they are also used as common boots.” It is worth remembering, however, that on hot days they are still not indicated, especially rubber ones, since as the specialist warns, this type of material tends to heat up.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, the eternal Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City, is one who understands this well and always wears the wellies in winter. The actress is super adept of footwear, and alone or with one of her children, she always parades with wellies through the streets of New York.

Here in Brazil the wellies have also been increasingly successful and appeared a lot in looks of different styles. To adopt these shoes once and for all in your combinations and stay on top of this trend, personal stylist Ana Franco gave some valuable tips on the subject.

Valuing the silhouette

Ana is emphatic right away. “All women can wear wellies, however, always respecting and valuing their biotype.” As an example, the specialist shows how the wellies can be used in order to balance the look in two types of silhouettes.

  • Short or chubby women: they look beautiful with longer looks, so when coordinating the wellies, you can combine them with pants or tights in a similar tone.
  • Tall or thin women: you can combine the wellies with pieces of different colors and even use more voluminous pieces, such as a coat or ruffled skirt, if you want to add more volume to your silhouette.

It is worth remembering, however, that it is not just the silhouette or the temperature that must be taken into account at this time. “It is also important to highlight that, in addition to the way we combine the wellies, the main thing is to respect the occasion, as they are heavier and more informal models of shoes, they should not be used in formal environments or occasions.”, highlights Ana.

Options for all tastes

With the variety of wellies on the market today, it was easy to find one that you like. In addition, combining with the right pieces and accessories you create a look that does not escape your style and that still gives a more modern and interesting tone to the production.

To help you with this task, Ana Franco then put together four different look proposals using wellies and even told you some little tricks that will help you when choosing what to wear from your wardrobe.

Look 1: to stretch

“The wellies and pants of the same color make the silhouette visually more elongated; consequently the woman looks taller and thinner. This look still manages to be super casual and charming, and can be used on several everyday occasions!”

Look 2: the joker

“Classic look and ideal for rainy days, because the trench coat, in addition to protecting on wet days, makes the production much more interesting, stylish and feminine!”

Look 3: modern touch

“Models of printed wellies are ideal for making fashion production effortless. Combine it with plain pieces and leave the wellies as the highlight of the look, it looks beautiful!”

Look 4: delicacy and femininity

“A great look to change the overshoes and pants combination, as a charming dress when combined with a thicker sock (ex.: 80 thread) warms up on colder days and brings much more femininity to autumn/winter days. The short top model overshoes is also super practical and charming, even more so when it has details such as a bow, buckle or even spikes.”

Where to buy wellies?

Online stores have bet heavily on wellies, offering models of varying styles and prices. Choose the one you like best and get yours!

In real life

Brazilian bloggers, like Anna Fasano and Bruna Vieira, and foreign bloggers, like Betty Autier and Chiara Ferragni put on their wellies for a walk in incredible looks! Check out some of these proposals below and get inspired!

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