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Women’s watches: how to combine this elegant and functional accessory

The watch, in addition to being a useful item in everyday life, can also be a powerful accessory in the composition of a look. Depending on the model, style and color, it sets the tone of the production and even makes the look more stylish.

You have to not live without and who doesn’t care much for this accessory, but the watch is certainly an accessory that gives elegance and sophistication to the look.

Whether the more classic models, made of leather and metal, or the more modern ones, such as the smartwatch and the colorful one, watches always give an extra charm to the look.

With so many watch models on the market, how do you choose the one that best suits you? To help you find the ideal model, we’ve separated some tips in partnership with style consultant Danyla Borobia. Discover the main models on the market and learn how to combine them with your looks:

Leather clock

They are usually thinner and more formal. The consultant explains that this model has a more masculine feel and is a great option to give a fashion touch to the look of the day. “Just mix it with accessories of different textures and sizes, think of compositions for more feminine or basic looks to balance the look, as this type of mix makes the look more interesting and modern”, adds Danyla.

Golden clock

The consultant explains that, in general, this model matches any composition, leaving even the most basic look with a sophisticated air, but size can influence the decision.” The golden watch adds sophistication to the look and draws a lot of attention, because of this, it is necessary to pay attention to the occasion, the bigger ones are not recommended for formal looks”, comments Danyla.

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The Michael Kors brand models are a reference when it comes to golden watches, as they have several color options, which exude elegance.

metal watch

Another model with a more masculine footprint, but which is great for composing everyday looks and giving a balance to more elegant, sporty or romantic productions. “This model is indicated to make the wave of bracelets, since the attention will be focused on the entire composition and not just on the watch”, indicates the style consultant.

Sport watch

Danyla explains that this model is also casual, but deserves a little attention in relation to the size of the display and the colors of the bracelet: “if the display is small and the bracelet is in a neutral color, it can very well circulate on several occasions, versatile and balance the look.” A tip to modernize the look is to use another sporty element in the look, such as sneakers, bomber jacket or sweatshirt.

small watch

The small watch is a more discreet and versatile model, perfect for composing looks with an elegant and formal touch, explains Danyla. “Small watches are a great option for women who prefer not to take any risks, who seek comfort and sophistication, as they are usually more elegant, can parade in different scenes and do not attract much attention”, concludes the consultant.

colored clock

“In addition to making everything more fun, it has a more modern and fashionista feel; it’s a good bet to insert color into more sober wardrobes and personality in the look”, says Danyla. This model gives a youthful and modern touch to the look of the day without effort. To make the look more elegant, just bet on monochromatic compositions.

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watch with bracelets

Here the watches can be the most varied, leather, metal or gold, it doesn’t matter, what counts is to make the look more modern and cool. “The bracelet with watch composes beautiful and varied looks and can parade in different scenes, it all depends on the event and the personality of each woman”, explains Danyla.

smartwatch watch

This model has increasingly conquered the hearts of women who are tuned in and who like technology. You will find several versions and models of smartwatch, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. “The ‘rule’ for composing looks with this type of watch varies according to the style and personality of the woman”, concluded Danyla.

12 beautiful and stylish watches to buy online

We have selected some models of watches for you to buy online and rock the look of the day.

  1. Skone Florido watch from Dafiti
  2. Mondaine watch, at Shoptime
  3. Skmei Rosa watch by Dafiti
  4. Jean Vernier watch, at Americanas
  5. Nightflakes watch from Oqvestir
  6. Casio Digital Watch by Dafiti
  7. Dumont Golden Watch, at Americanas
  8. Denim Polkadot Watch, at Oqvestir
  9. Baldinini Leather watch from Farfetch
  10. Michael Kors watch at Time Center
  11. Fossil Leather Watch, at Time Center
  12. Just Cavalli watch from Dafiti

It saw? It has a model for all tastes, from the most basic to the most elaborate. Choose the one that best suits your style and create amazing productions!

What to consider when choosing a watch

Style consultant Danyla Borobia has listed some tips to help you choose the perfect watch. Check out:

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Material: many can cause allergy, especially replicas or very cheap ones. Especially metal ones, as they often contain toxic substances;

Size and weight: very large watches have informal directions and heavier watches can end up getting in the way and tiring until the end of the day, if the woman loves comfort it is best to opt for lighter materials;

Women’s personality and lifestyle: there are different styles and materials of watches, you need to pay attention to what you like best, think about whether the model in question will be used on different occasions and what kind of information the model passes on, not it is worth investing in a heavy watch if the woman is looking for comfort or a very flashy watch if the woman’s style is more romantic and delicate;

Always consider these factors to not buy on impulse and be satisfied with the product!

More looks that demonstrate the power of this accessory

We selected some images of bloggers using different types of watches to inspire their everyday productions. Check out!

Did you see how the watch can also be a powerful accessory in the look of the day? Choose one to call yours and capriche in productions!

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