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Winter wedding outfits

Just because it’s super cold on your loved one’s wedding day doesn’t mean you need to be less elegant, right? Winter has its advantages and one of them is that makeup stays intact for longer, so take the opportunity to squander beauty when you go to a winter wedding.

What to wear?

If the date of the party is a little cooler, make your dress even more beautiful by complementing the look with a scarf or pashmina draped over your shoulders. The accessory can be in the same color, in a similar tone or contrast with the dress. Another tip is to bet on a printed scarf if the dress is plain and vice versa.

Another option is the jacket, which is super high and is very easy to match with any dress. Long-sleeved dresses are also super elegant, and for bridesmaids, it’s even worth wearing a long-sleeved dress all with sparkles and sequins.

However, if on the wedding day the cold is already more severe, one option is to wear a slightly longer dress or choose a fitted maxi dress. To complement your winter wedding look, invest in a trench coat or wool coat. It is worth mentioning that the coat or trench coat must be the same length or slightly longer than the dress.

To keep your legs warm, choose a pair of tights that are 40 or thicker, depending on the temperatures you’ll be facing. Forget the black socks and dare with a brown, wine, purple or even military green sock. To wear, prefer closed shoes like ankle boots and peep toes are also a charm.

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