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Easy Wiccan Spell To Make Him Think Of You

Today we will see a series of Wiccan spells to keep you on his mind all the time. Of course, we are talking about your crush, that person whom you wish to attract (it could be a guy or a girl) and make them think only of you. These spells have worked really well for me and that is why I am sharing them here. This type of spell is best done during the waxing moon. You can also cast these spells around the time of the full moon, and they will be just as powerful and effective.

Wiccan Spells to Make Someone Think of You

Wiccan Spells to Make Him Think of Me

Wiccan Spells to Make Him Think of Me

1. White Magic to Make Him Think Only of Me

This spell seems to work well for most people who try it. I’ve cast this spell so many times for my friends and acquaintances too, it’s one of those love spells that just works.

What you will need:

  • 1 red candle (if you do not have a red candle, a white candle will also work)
  • Cherry incense
  • 1 photo of the person (if you don’t have a picture of the person and you can’t get one, just write the name of the person on a piece of white paper and while looking at the paper visualize their face with intense concentration and clarity).

To cast this spell and make him think of you only, start at night, around 11 pm by holding the candle in your dominant hand and charging it with your intentions. For this, visualize the person thinking about you non stop, day and night. Visualize how you want him to see you in his dreams (you may also want to send a specific message through these dreams). Visualize how he starts to think about you, while he’s at work, or studying, or at any other time. You can see how he loses focuses on what he’s doing and gets distracted thinking about you. You can see your image circling around in his head. Now say out loud what you want him to think.

Light the incense and the red candle. Lie on the floor and imagine yourself entering his mind. Now picture how he (or she) thinks of you in great detail. You are placing these thoughts in his head. If you are doing it correctly you will feel a tingling sensation in your body or head. This is your connection. Hold the photo of the person and say the following chant:

“Goddess of love, I enter your land,
His thoughts will be as I command.
Everything he’ll see, everything he’ll do,
My loving presence follows you around.”

Place the photo of the person under the red candle while it’s still lit. Meditate on the thoughts you want to put in his mind, again and again like a broken record. If you can do this until the candle burns completely, then much better. Otherwise, you can snuff it out without blowing and light it again the following night to continue the ritual. (Never leave candles unattended!)

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The person will not only start thinking about you constantly but will also dream about you in a matter of days.

2. A Simple Spell to Make Him Think of You

Think of Me Right Now Spell

Think of Me Right Now Spell

This is another spell to make someone think of you that has worked for me and for many other people. You will be able to realize when that person is already thinking of you or becomes more or less attentive to you. Do not be afraid to try it. Many of my first love spells worked so fast that, basically, they could not be just coincidence. I suggest starting little by little with these easy spells as ways to experiment, and if you feel that they don’t work at first, you can continue browsing this website for other easy spells.

Think of Me all the Time Spell with Mirror

You’ll need:

  • 1 small mirror
  • A photo of him/her
  • Photo of you
  • Belief in the power of magic and the powers within yourself

Take the mirror and place the photo of him or her facing against the reflecting side, so that they are facing the mirror. On the other side, also looking inwards, place your photo. Tape them securely. Now, on the back of your photo, you will write these words. Hold the mirror close to your heart and chant the same words 3 times:

“With these words I now decree,
Every time your reflection you see,
You are going to think only of me.
This is my wish, So mote it be.”

Keep the mirror in your purse or pocket, taking it with you wherever you go for 30 days. Surely you will see the results long before this, but it could take up to 30 days. Just believe.

Be patient and wait until you see the results. When I tried this spell for the first time my partner had disappeared, we had been separated for more than a year. Three days after doing this spell he was at my doorstep and the following month I saw him every day… I could not believe it! It really works if you have faith.

Use these spells to make him think of you carefully and only on a person that you really love. If your intentions are not in the right place, your subconscious mind will notice this and work against you in different ways that you might regret. Blessings and have a safe encounter with Magick!

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