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Why men cause more stress to women than children

Married women experience much more stress than single women because they end up having to deal with work, motherhood, and marriage at the same time. And stressed wives are more likely to suffer from headaches, fatigue and anger.

The role of the father is also quite tiring, but, surprisingly, husbands do more to add to family stress, and in particular their partners, than children. According to a survey, 46% of wives say that children generate less pressure than their spouses, and this is not related to infidelity or any type of violence.

O awesome.club wants to share with you the information from this study, which shows the negative influence of husbands on their wives, so that you can avoid the negative consequences of stress in your relationship.

A husband who acts like a child

The truth is that some men behave like children until approximately 43 years of age. This is expressed not only in her frivolous attitude to some problems, but also in her interaction with children. “A little seven-year-old will continue to be like that; it’s your nature. But a 35-year-old who acts like a seven-year-old is stressful, because he should know better than anyone what he is doing, ”said one of the study participants.

Parents often have fun with their children. As a result, they think they are their friends, vacation companions and accomplices in the fun ideas and feeling that they can do it all. Mothers are most concerned with issues related to education, discipline, health and development of a child. They follow the daily routine of the little ones more, giving instructions and prohibiting the mess. This makes them appear to be “the bad cop of the story”, which affects the relationship with the children and can lead to conflicts between the parents.

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It’s better to keep the unit. If one parent forbids the child something, the other must support this decision. It is necessary to act together and agree on prohibitions, permissions and punishments.

It is also important to share responsibility for the daily care of children. A child cannot join a swim team, choose vitamins and make an appointment with a doctor on his own, but a parent can do this. A husband can help and lighten his wife’s burden in these matters. In this way, mothers can stop focusing on the mistakes their children make, stop trying to control everything, and sometimes they can even join in the children’s games with their husbands.

Household chores become exhausting for women

One survey found that one in five mothers say they don’t get enough help from their spouse with household chores, and this causes a lot of daily stress. Wives spend a lot of time doing housework while husbands relax. And those jobs include not just cooking and cleaning, but also paying the bills, going to the grocery store, and planning the budget. These activities are very important for maintaining the structure of the family, but they can be very overwhelming for a single person.

And this is not the easiest and most pleasant job. Doing housework generates more stress for both sexes than office work because, at least there, people feel more valued. If the wife takes care of the house alone, her burden will increase more and more, until it becomes really unbearable.

A woman feels guilty and has no free time

Taking into account all the duties of wives described earlier, they may experience a lack of free time. Especially if they also work full time — most women do these days. In the evening, after work, they should pay attention to each family member and do all the household chores. That feeling leads to stress over time. Women try to do everything 24 hours a day, but due to the rush they can make a lot of mistakes.

Responsibility for children, husband and family rests with the woman and she can feel guilty when something goes wrong. And this feeling of guilt can overwhelm a person. One of the interviewees commented: “I feel that I am discovering a lot about raising my children on my own, without my husband’s input. It stresses me out, because when something goes wrong, it ends up being my fault.”

To prevent the wife from being stressed out due to lack of time and feeling guilty, the husband can share with her not only household chores and childcare, but also responsibility for the family in general. When spouses discuss problems, make decisions together and are responsible for them, it makes them unite and manage to solve many more problems.

Women can develop their time management skills. Remember that stress can lead to divorce and have a negative effect on health. Therefore, it is important to do everything possible to create less stress in family life.

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How do you share responsibilities in your family? Do you feel stress at home? Tell us in the comments section below!

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