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Wholemeal cake: 20 recipes that will make your diet tasty

Tasty and very nutritious, wholemeal cake is a great dessert option for those on a diet. It can be made with oatmeal, honey, bananas, cinnamon and many other delicious ingredients. Come check out the selection of recipes we made and learn how to make an amazing cupcake!

1. Wholemeal oat cake

To start the selection, how about a very simple recipe to make and very practical? Check out the tutorial, separate wholemeal flour, oatmeal, brown sugar, coconut oil, eggs and chemical yeast, and prepare this cake at home!

2. Wholemeal oat and honey cake

The combination oatmeal + honey makes any recipe amazing, and this one is no different. This cake is quick to prepare and will sweeten your life in a nutritious way. Check out the video and learn how to do it!

3. Wholemeal banana cake

Are you looking for a low-calorie cake, packed with protein and fiber and, of course, delicious? This is the option will surprise you! In addition, this recipe does not contain gluten or lactose, which makes it perfect for those on a restrictive diet. Check out the full step-by-step in the video.

4. Simple and fluffy wholemeal cake

This recipe is proof that wholemeal cake can be as fluffy and tasty as traditional cakes. With the video, you will realize that, in addition to being delicious, this option is very simple to make. Check out the complete way to make it and make your mouth water!

5. Wholemeal carrot cake

Who said you can’t taste a delicious chocolate carrot cake without going off the diet? With this wholegrain version, your menu will have a nutritious and flavorful dessert that will add a sweet touch to your days. Check out the video to do at home!

6. Wholemeal Microwave Cinnamon Apple Cake

Many people think that healthy recipes are more difficult to prepare. This option came to prove them wrong. In addition to the short and very nutritious list of ingredients, this apple and cinnamon cake is made in the microwave. Very easy, isn’t it?! Check out all the steps in the tutorial!

7. Whole apple cake

This is another apple cake option for you to try at home. In addition to the fruit, you will also need oil, eggs, oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon powder and yeast. Check out the full step by step of this treat!

8. Wholemeal orange cake

With this recipe, you will learn how to prepare a very healthy and nutritious orange cake. Follow all the steps in the video and don’t miss the tips to make your cake fluffy and even tastier.

9. Wholemeal passion fruit cake

This cake is quick and easy to make, is very healthy and has a short and accessible ingredient list. You will only need passion fruit, demerara sugar, eggs, coconut oil, wholemeal flour and chemical yeast. Check out the full step by step in the video!

10. Whole beetroot cake

Have you ever had the opportunity to taste a beetroot cake? Learn how to prepare this recipe and be surprised by this festival of flavors. This option is also gluten and lactose free. Perfect, isn’t it?!

11. Wholemeal rice cake

This is another gluten-free and lactose-free option that will surprise you. With the video, you will learn how to make a delicious raw brown rice cake with coconut milk. Were you curious? Then check out the full step by step!

12. Wholemeal coconut cake

This cake is further proof that wholegrain recipes are full of flavor. In the recipe video, you will check the complete list of ingredients, the step by step, as well as valuable tips to make your cake more fluffy and tasty. See it right now!

13. Wholemeal corn cake

During the June festivities, corn cake cannot be missing from the menu of typical foods. Even in the integral version, the cake is delicious and, above all, very nutritious. Check out the full step by step in the video!

14. Whole walnut cake

This cake is a great choice for anyone looking to add fiber-rich recipes to their menu. In addition to the walnuts, which already give a special touch to the preparation, you will need oatmeal, chia and flaxseed. Check out the full list of ingredients in the video and learn how to make this amazing cake!

15. Wholemeal chocolate cake

Even on a diet, you can taste delicious chocolate recipes! This chocolate cake, for example, is the perfect option for a quiet and relaxing afternoon coffee. Check out the video and learn how to do it!

16. Wholemeal banana chocolate cake

This is another perfect option for those looking for nutritious recipes with that passionate touch of chocolate. In addition, banana is added to the preparation to make everything even more delicious. Be sure to check out the full step-by-step video to prepare this delight at home!

17. Wholemeal cocoa cake with creamy frosting

The icing always gives a special touch to the cakes. Here, it is no different. With the video tutorial, you will learn how to make a delicious creamy icing using cocoa powder, brown sugar, milk and butter. Check out all the steps and be surprised!

18. Wholemeal cake mixed with carrot and chocolate

The traditional mixed cake also gained a more nutritious version – but that still retains the taste of the original! To prepare this delight made of carrots and chocolate, check out the video and stay tuned for all the tips!

19. Whole fruit cake

This is a sugar-free, lactose-free option with lots of fruit. In addition to the other ingredients, you will need apples, bananas and raisins. Did your mouth water just thinking about it? So check out the video and learn how to make this cake today!

20. Whole Strawberry Naked Cake Cake

Looking for a light and nutritious cake option for a special occasion? Then check out all the steps and tips to prepare this amazing naked strawberry cake. In addition to delicious, it looks beautiful to serve to your guests.

If you liked the recipes in this selection, why not learn how to prepare a delicious wholemeal bread? Check it out and make it at home!

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