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White nail polish: types, tutorials and 100 ideas to bet on color

White nail polish is a brides favorite and is widely used to compose decorated nail designs. But, it can also be your go-to color for everyday life and for more formal and elegant occasions.

Can’t imagine how white nail polish can be so versatile? See several ideas for use, learn about the types and the best tips and tutorials to adopt color.

100 nails painted with white nail polish that prove the beauty of this tone

Check out a selection of nail arts that have white nail polish as a star and gather ideas for the next time you do your nails:

1. White nail polish has a classic look

2. It is a charm in pearly tones

3. It’s beautiful on its own

4. And you don’t need anything else to make your nails delicate

5. Of course you can complement it with a drawing

6. After all, nothing better than a blank space to create

7. Marbled nails are stylish and fashionable

8. Nail arts with glitter are timeless

9. You can bet on an only child with gold accents

10. Paint the entire ring nail with a glossy nail polish

11. Or invest in a colorful tone

12. The sparkle can also be very discreet

13. How about a more elaborate design?

14. And a texture full of glamour?

15. A lot of delicacy!

16. Great idea for special occasions

17. There’s sure to be a perfect white nail polish + glitter combo for you

18. Or maybe metallic is more like you

19. There is nail art with white enamel for the lovers

20. For those who love to match their nails and clothes

21. And for the sailors on duty

22. It also has an option for those who love stripes

23. Don’t give up a touch of color

24. Or is the cactus crazy

25. Some ideas are the face of summer

26. Others, from spring

27. Speaking of which, how can you not love nails decorated with flowers?

28. Take a look at this wonderful nail!

29. Flower nail arts are good for beginners in this art

30. And with white in the background, the possibilities are endless

31. This flowery nail is perfect for brides

32. And this one for those who always want to innovate

33. Plants also have their turn

34. As well as marine animals

35. And the pets

36. Like the previous one, this is a geometric nail idea

37. You can also play with unglazed spaces

38. And create really cool geometric patterns

39. Geometry is related to minimalism

40. And white nail polish is perfect for creating minimalist designs

41. It can be something very simple

42. Or a more conceptual design

43. A pattern is also a good choice

44. But a small detail already gives that touch

45. Be a point of light

46. ​​A dot of color

47. Or simply, a little dot

48. Nails with stones look beautiful

49. And they match so much with the most daring

50. As for the discreet ones

51. It looks really stunning

52. And the possibilities are diverse

53. Francesinha not to forget this cuteness

54. Can complete ballerina nail stretching feeling

55. Give a refined finish to shorter nails

56. And make the almond nail even more charming

57. The gemstone can come in the center of the nail

58. At the bottom

59. Or next to a drawing

60. Can even have a composition on each finger

61. Combining stones, silver wire and glitter

62. And decorate your fingernails and toenails

63. Nail art can translate your belief

64. And your personality

65. The grid is a simple and sophisticated design

66. As well as a more fluid and abstract stroke

67. Triangles and glitter took this nail out of the ordinary

68. Another example of how beautiful black and white looks

69. How about a nail with silver polka dots?

70. Or this one with an ethnic pattern?

71. Another inspiration in that same vibe

72. And one more to convince you to adopt the idea

73. Toenails also look beautiful painted white

74. They match everything

75. And delicate designs make the look more charming

76. Do you like flamingos? Here are some ideas…

77. It can be a fun roleplaying

78. Or one with a looser and more laid-back design

79. The fullness of those who have versatile and stylish nails

80. White is both discreet and striking

81. Off-white variations help to please different tastes

82. While corrective white and translucent transition between highlight and lightness

83. Stiletto nails go great with white nail polish

84. And square nails get an extra highlight

85. The color goes great on festive occasions

86. But on a daily basis it is really funny

87. You will fall in love with the white boy

88. Have fun creating your own nail arts

89. Or recreating the classics

90. White with gold looks beautiful

91. And this effect is impressive

92. But the golden touch might just be a detail

93. A glamorous inspiration

94. Delicate nail art

95. And a testament to the elegance of plain white

96. But then again, drawings are also a great idea

97. As well as adding pebbles to the decor

98. You can’t deny the beauty of white painted nails

99. There are only reasons to value this color

100. Bet on white nail polish and shine around

Inspiration is not lacking, is it? Now all you have to do is decide which idea you are going to try first!

white nail polish types

  • Concealer: This is the whitest white of all. It looks beautiful alone or as a background for various nail arts.
  • Translucent: Translucent white has that delicate transparency, perfect for a delicate and discreet effect.
  • Pearl: the pearl enamel has a shiny base that makes the enamel result very elegant. It goes very well on more formal occasions such as weddings.
  • Off-white: the off-white can have many faces, from the most grayish to the yellowish. It is the right choice for matte finishes or to make a more modern francesinha.

Regardless of what your favorite type of white is, you can adapt each shade to your taste and to each situation in your day to day.

White enamel: step by step and tips

If you are a fan of the idea of ​​doing your nails at home, here are some tutorials on how to bet on white nail polish and apply it perfectly:

How to paint your nail white without staining it, by Ana Carla

Ana Carla’s tricks are very simple and cheap. The general idea is to create a base coat with a translucent, matte or shimmering nail polish and apply a little white on the first layer, with quick strokes and plenty of nail polish on the brush.

4 tips to have a perfect white, by Fernanda Costa

Fernanda’s tips are a little different: let the first layer dry well and apply the second layer to cover all the flaws. She also suggests creating a base with pearly, translucent or matte nail polishes.

Tricks to apply each type of white, by Larissa Leite

The youtuber demonstrates how to apply different white nail polishes: translucent, creamy and concealer. In addition to the tutorial, she gives tips to not leave any stains at the time of enamelling.

How to make lace nail polish at home, by Ana Carla

Renda nail polish is one of the most beloved whites in Brazil. Discreet and translucent, it is perfect for making the classic francesinha. Watch the video for a trick to make your own lace nail polish using a clear base and white nail polish.

Baby Boomer nail, by Gessica Ferreira

The Baby Boomer nail is a gradient that will take your breath away: it starts with a nude tone with a pink background and the tips of the nails
end in an intense white. The trick is to use a small piece of sponge to create a beautiful and natural gradient.

Do you already have your nail polishes and tools in hand? Apply all the tips above and rock your white nail polish!

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