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White cropped: how to match this key piece to your look

With the arrival of summer, what we are most looking for are light and comfortable clothes so that we can enjoy the hottest season of the year fresh and well produced, right? The white cropped is precisely this wildcard piece, which in addition to ensuring versatility in its combinations, can be included in numerous proposals. Want to find out how? Just take a look at the list of inspirations below:

white lace cropped

Delicate, feminine and with a hint of sensuality, the white lace crop top gives a classic touch to your outfit and promises to never go out of style. See how well it fits in any combination, whether with a light skirt or cool jeans:

1. How not to fall in love with the classic marriage of lace and jeans?

2. The tie added an extra charm to the composition, don’t you think?

3. With destroyed and heels, for a more modern feel

4. If that cold wind hits, just throw a blazer over it

5. With a black skirt, you can’t go wrong

6. What do you think about including high-waisted flare pants in your look?

7. Or that cool embroidered skirt

8. And also with that total denim look

9. Don’t forget to be careful when choosing accessories

10. The white lace crop top goes well even with ribbed pants

11. And visually balances it with that metallic skirt of yours

plain white cropped

The plain white top is that jack-of-all-trades piece: it can serve as a key detail for a comfy look, even partnering with a third piece, creating a more sophisticated proposal. Ideally, you always have one to call your own – so your looks will always have a different look, even using the same crop top:

12. How can you not love models with chest straps?

13. The combination of black and white is the right choice for the comfy style

14. With pantacourt, the look is quite democratic

15. And with the envelope skirt, the composition is very fresh for the summer

16. Monochrome is a chic and sophisticated bet

17. And a belt will add a special touch to this trend

18. And to add a little more color, just throw a shirt over it and it’s all right

19. A white crop top, colored pants, and just

20. Or that basic balance in the stylish outfit

21. By the way, the total white look is the freshness that the hottest days need

22. The white crop top was cute with animal print

23. And it perfectly met the old school proposal of this look

24. The turtleneck is back with everything and to stay for good

25. The white crop top is so versatile that it goes well even with tailored pants

26. And also with that irresistible suit

27. For the hottest days, a sandal goes well

Cropped white gypsy

With the shoulders exposed and a cut that values ​​the lap, the gypsy blouse will guarantee a lot of femininity to the look, whether your white cropped full of ruffles or a more dry model. Believe me, the result will be pure charm. Check out the inspiration below:

28. While the puffy sleeves give a Disney princess effect

29. That denim skirt that can’t be missing in your closet

30. That neck tissue to make a difference

31. The flowered skirt gave the look a delicate freshness

32. How about a plaid shorts for that European vintage result?

33. A clipping of respect in the lap to value the region

34. The lightest cropped version of all summers

35. With destroyed jeans, to modernize the proposal

36. Or with leather pants, for a more rock’n roll proposal

37. Dry jeans made everything more feminine and elegant

38. Slit sleeves gave the look a playful effect

39. The ruffles are an incredible plus in the wardrobe

embroidered white cropped

They are delicate, romantic and often sophisticated, ideal for feminine proposals or that require a more elaborate dress code. The white embroidered cropped can be found in several models, for the most varied occasions. Check out:

40. With meticulous details of the cropped, you can even play with the mix effect of prints

41. The sequin embroidery gave an up on the basic white cropped

42. Want discretion? Bet on an embroidery of the same color as the fabric

43. Embroidered lace is perfect for that most special event

44. Here the tailored shorts were the icing on the cake

45. For a crop top embroidered in stones, nothing better than a beautiful pantalona

White cropped with bulge

To give firmness and better support to your breasts, how about investing in a white crop top with cups? In addition to all this, you will guarantee a much more refined effect to your piece. Know how:

46. ​​To go around lavishing elegance

47. And on top of that, it guarantees a comfort that we will never give up

48. And with that, you will have more freedom when creating your look

49. And comfort above all

50. The bulge present in the piece does not require the use of our bra companion

51. In addition to providing that basic insurance we so desperately need

52. Apart from that the visual effect of this model is charming, don’t you think?

What’s up? Do you already know which white cropped modelinho best suits you?

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