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Where do the names of these 10 famous bands come from?

Maybe it’s easier to form a band cool than finding a suitable name for it. It turns out that almost every group has its own story, which is usually curious and funny.

O awesome.club discovered some interesting facts about how musicians came up with a name for their groups.

1. Nirvana

This band had several names during the first months of its existence: “SkidRow”, “Pen CapChew”, “Bliss”, “Windowpane”, “Ed Ted Fred” among many others. In 1988, the members of the group finally agreed on something new and laconic: “Nirvana”. And why would a rock band choose that name?

As Kurt Cobain reported in one of his interviews, who thought “into a name that would be beautiful, pleasing to the ear, rather than vulgar, dirty punk rock band names”🇧🇷 Well, Kurt managed to find a truly memorable and original name. Soon, Nirvana became a true cult band, and in the short period of its existence, it left a huge mark on music, but that’s another story.

2. The Beatles

The band that John Lennon and Paul McCartney formed at school was called “The Quarrymen”, after John’s school. And, over time, the group changed its name a few times: “Johnny and the Moondogs”, “Rainbows”, “Silver Beatles”, “Beatals” and “Silver Beats” among others.

And only in 1960 did the name “The Beatles” appear: It is still unknown who came up with this word. As John Lennon wanted, the name turned out to have a double meaning: if someone says it out loud, it sounds like the word “beetles” (“beetles” in English), and when writing it, it immediately attracts the root “beat” (“ beat” in English).

3. Backstreet Boys

The American pop group of the 90s was formed in 1993, in the city of Orlando: at the time, the members had just finished high school. The name literally translates to “boys from the back street”, and was inspired by the local market, where young people would often gather during the night.

Nowadays the band is still performing and also recording a new album.

4. Thirty Seconds to Mars

As the Leto brothers say, they found the group’s name in an article by a Harvard scientist who claimed that humanity would literally soon be about 30 seconds away from Mars. True, the scientist exaggerated: even if someone manages to move at the speed of light, it will take at least 3 minutes from Earth to Mars.

Jared Leto himself said that, for him, the name of the band has nothing to do with space. “The main thing is a good idea of ​​​​our sound, it is a lyrical phrase that incites reflection, cinematic and full of spontaneity”. That was the story!

5. Linkin Park

The group called “SuperXero” was created in 1996 by classmates Mike and Brad. A little later, the collective reduced its name to “Xero”. Things didn’t go very well, the big labels didn’t accept the band. But when the talented vocalist Chester Bennington joined the group, the idea of ​​mixing different voice styles and, as a result, a new name: “Hybrid Theory” (“hybrid theory”).

But another group called “Hybrid” accused the boys of plagiarism, and again they had to look for a name. That’s when Chester had an idea and proposed “Lincoln Park”, which was the name of the park they crossed to the studio every day. but the domain lincolnpark.com was already taken, and the name Lincoln is very similar to Linkin, so the group settled on its final name.

6. The Rolling Stones

The literal translation of the name of this group is something like “rolling stones”, but in English this expression means “wanderers” or “vagabonds”. The name was taken from one of the songs by Muddy Waters, a popular singer of the 1950s. The Rolling Stones formed in 1962 and still play shows today! Now, the band is recording their new album.

7. Limp Bizkit

The name translates as “soft biscuits”, and the group received it in a very curious way. It went like this: the boys thought about the name of the band, reviewing dozens of options. But none of them seemed appropriate. Time passed, there was no solution, everyone was tired. And then one of its members, Sam Rivers, couldn’t resist exclaiming, “My brain is like a soft cookie!” (“My brain is like a limp biscuit!”)

Bandleader Fred Durst for some reason really liked that phrase. He changed the spelling of the word “biscuit” to “bizkit”. Durst said he also wanted to give the group a slightly repulsive name, to “immediately distance those who don’t want to listen to us.”

8. U2

The group formed when 14-year-old Larry Mullen put the following text on the school bulletin board: “A drummer is looking for musicians to create a group”. It is curious that, since its formation, the members of the band have never changed.

In the beginning, the group was called “The Larry Mullen Band”, “Feedback”, “TheHype”, but, in 1977, the name U2 was consolidated. The origin is still unknown: according to one version, the inspiration came from the name of the Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. In one of the interviews, its leader Bono admitted that he never liked the name and, interestingly, it never occurred to him that the title resembles “you too”. (Usually “U2” in English is used to say “you too”).


Sweden’s most successful musical group, whose songs we’ve probably heard at least once, got a synthetic and memorable name due to its members. ABBA are the first letters of the names of the artists: Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid.

By the way, in 2018 it became known that the band had gathered to record new songs and planned a “virtual tour” on which, instead of the participants, their holograms would be presented. We will wait with curiosity and impatience, how about you?

10. *NSYNC

It is boy bandin which Justin Timberlake took his first serious steps into music, was another super successful group of the 1990s. And while there were enough bands like them on stage (albeit without as much success), the boys came up with the idea of ​​a unique name . Perhaps they were inspired by ABBA’s example: *NSYNC is a combination of the last letters of the participants’ names: Justin, Chris, Joey, Lansten and JC.

Do you know the secrets of the names of other musical groups? Share with readers in the comments section below.

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