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When is the astral hell in Aquarius? – Astrocenter

Ever heard of the expression Aquarius Astral Hell? Before your birthday, did you ever feel like the world was against you? Or that you were living in hell under the earth? Well, this is no accident!

However, rest assured that you are not the only one who feels this way!

This feeling is explained by astrology, as all people go through this phase that is also known as astral hell. A period of 30 days that precedes the moment when you will complete another year of life. During that time, all kinds of situations happen that make us think that absolutely everything we do is wrong, or that our own life is wrong.

For those of the Aquarius zodiac sign, this starts from the 22nd of December and ends on the 20th of January. The subject is still very nebulous, and we know that it is necessary to understand everything about it. In view of this, we decided to bring everything to help Aquarians. Look that:

What is Aquarius Astral Hell?

Although it is very well known these days, few people understand the true roots of aquarius astrological hell. It may seem like a very scary thing, but it’s nothing more than 30 days that reflect a person’s energy depletion.

This means that over the past 11 months you have spent a lot of energy from your body, mind and soul. The astral hell is not the universe conspiring against you, it is you being more prone and open to bad things because you are vibrating at a lower frequency.

30 Bad Days: Astral Hell in Aquarius

People who have a sun sign in Aquarius tend to be very cold and indifferent. In the course of the aquarius astrological hell, it is important to work the mind to ward off negative thoughts. That’s because they can take over your mind and make you see and behave in a bad way. It all depends on your reaction to things. So, think about cultivating a good mood, because when something goes wrong, you will stand firm.

Relationships can become complicated for people with Capricorn sun sign people. Just remember that it’s not because of a complicated situation that we should walk away from those we like. So, just try not to get too close and avoid friction.

Another great tip is to be aware of the other Aquarians in your life, as they will also be living their aquarius astrological hell. Not always two people going through a negative phase can achieve a positive result. In other words, be smart with this kind of confusion.

After facing all this with a lot of strength, it’s time to see that after the storm, comes the rainbow. Between May 21 and June 20, the so-called astral paradise of Aquarius takes place. On these days, the relaxed and original side of Aquarians will be in evidence. This will help to win over people who are now entering your friendship cycle.

In addition, seduction and romanticism are also on the rise. It will be a great opportunity to flirt. Keep in mind that during this cycle, Gemini people will be in everything and you can develop a great attunement.

How to face the astral hell of Aquarius

Astral hell carries a lot of headaches, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad phase. It will be a difficult period, however, it needs to be lived. Each and every process that brings us suffering needs to be felt, because this will result in evolution.

to face the aquarius astrological hell in the best way, live it. However, remember to keep your best qualities at the forefront. Be selfless, empathetic and patient. Make good use of this time, try to stop to think about everything that is happening in your life.

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