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Wheel of Fortune in the Astral Map: signs, houses, calculation and more!

In the Astral Map, there are several positions that help us to clarify positive characteristics of our personality. The Wheel of Fortune, however, is not a sign, a planet and even less a house, but it is a point that illuminates the golden aspects, that is, those that bring luck in life.

Also known as Part of Fortune, the Wheel shows the areas where it will be easier for us to get money, prestige and even love.

Calculated through the Ascendant (our worldly reputation) with the Moon, which indicates our emotions, and the Sun, indicating our ego, this point is harmonious and deserves your attention. How about continuing reading this article to learn more?

The Wheel of Fortune has a millenary origin and is part of the influence of Arabic astrology on the Astral Map. Discovered through precise calculations between three elements, it is important to guide us in relation to destiny and sheds light on the astral aspects of happiness.

For those who are always looking for purpose, the Wheel of Fortune provides a valuable guide to clarifying what makes us good – such as a talent, a lucky trait or aspects of individual satisfaction.

As it is not as well known as the other placements on a chart, many people end up ignoring the Wheel’s influence and not taking advantage of its teachings. But, reading this article, you will finally understand the relevance of this point and guide yourself through life. Check out!

The origin of the Wheel of Fortune is ancestral and linked to mythology. The goddess Fortuna, from Roman mythology, was responsible for attributing the destiny of men with the turning of the rudder, a wheel. People would thus have good or bad luck, depending on the position of the wheel. If it stops at the top, the omen is good, but if it is at the bottom, challenging situations may arise.

However, the unpredictability of the wheel shows that every day can be different and that there is always a new trick of fate. In this way, Fortune is directly related to destiny, and the wheel to life. In Astrology, this part, therefore, works as a great guide to analyze determining characteristics of the future.

To find the Wheel of Fortune in your birth chart, you need the three predominant elements: the Sun, the Ascendant and the Moon. That way, you can better understand the influence of the stars on your future.

The first step is to interpret your birth time. Therefore, when it comes to the Sun, it is important that you know whether it was born during the day or at night, since its positioning on the horizon is essential for the calculation.

In modern Astrology, the Wheel of Fortune is often underestimated in relation to other placements. This is due to errors in the calculation, so it is ideal to know if you had a day or night birth, so that the analysis can be carried out properly.

To interpret the Wheel of Fortune, it is necessary to know for sure the time of your birth. Although the entire Astral Chart is analyzed through this point, the Wheel of Fortune can change a lot between day and night.

This is because, for those born during the day, the Part of Fortune is calculated by the distance from the Sun to the Moon, counting the degree of the Ascendant. Therefore, the Sun is in the upper hemisphere and will be subtracted.

Now, for those born during the night, whoever is in the upper hemisphere is the Moon and its degree will be subtracted from the addition between Ascendant and Sun. Thus, with the division between hours, the account will come out correct.

The Wheel of Fortune is an ancient astrological position contemplated by ancient astrologers. It is part of the Arabic points of the Astral Chart and must be interpreted with integrity as it dictates our future and matters of purpose.

To find the place of Fortune in the Astral Map, you need to think about the main points: The Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant. These three aspects are essential for understanding our personality. Keep reading to understand!

The grandiose Sun is the best-known star in the Solar System and also in Astrology. It is for him that people base the signs and encompass the entire astral study. This is primarily due to its importance.

The twelve sun signs are very famous for their sense of representation. The Sun, predictably, indicates our essence, being the ego that represents our primary desires, in addition to the sense of creativity. That way, it’s easier to feel like you belong in this large group of Aries, Taureans, Geminis, Cancers and more.

It is for its pioneering importance that the Wheel of Fortune must be calculated, since no astral position is far from the solar one.

The mysterious and beloved Moon is one of the most complex placements on the Astral Map. It represents our emotions and the way we deal with affection and sensitive matters. It is with its interpretation that we perceive emotional patterns and challenging situations. This star is important to help us deal with matters of the heart

In this way, the Moon is essential for the calculation of the Wheel of Fortune, since, without the emotional aspect, it is difficult to interpret the good omens of the future. With Fortune being an aspect indicative of success and harmony, it is essential that the Moon is equally harmonious.

A key point for calculating the Wheel of Fortune is the Ascendant. After the Sun and the Moon, the Ascendant completes the essential trinity of the Astral Chart, as it represents the first impression. It is through him that people know us.

The Ascendant is always in the 1st house, the house of the Self. As such, it indicates expression and can be considered a personal mask. It is the ascendant that others see first. As the Wheel of Fortune is essential for the interpretation of future success, the Ascendant must help it.

As with all placements on the Astral Map, each sign represents a different interpretation. In the case of the Wheel of Fortune, the twelve of the zodiac bring a special message to the chart.

For example, the Wheel of Fortune in fire signs indicates a successful future related to creativity. Meanwhile, if the party is in water signs, it is notable that Fortune shows the positive side of sensitivity and emotional affection.

In the cases of earth signs, hard work and stability are examples of success, for Fortuna. For authentic air signs, it is through intellect and creativity that life takes off positively.

If you are interested in knowing more about the meaning of each sign on the Wheel of Fortune, keep reading this section!

Aries, in addition to being a fire sign, is ruled by the planet Mars and has a great connection with battles, efforts and courage. Given this, the Wheel of Fortune in Aries brings a pattern of competitiveness and agility to the native.

These characteristics are important for the realization of dreams, since the person will not give up easily and will always have a lot of willpower to overcome challenges.

With fun, dedication and healthy competition, success will abound in the future, according to the Fortune compass. With the Aries aspect, there are likely to be leadership roles on the way.

When the Wheel of Fortune is in the sign of Taurus, get ready for material success and an abundance of money. This placement is very positive for disciplined and hardworking people. As Taurus is linked to financial gain and stability, it is through work and focus that a person will succeed.

In addition, Fortuna in Taurus has a strong connection with aesthetics and luxury, showing that positioning values ​​good taste and a vain future. Take advantage of this position to plant the fruits of a luxurious future.

For people with Wheel of Fortune in Gemini, communication is the greatest gift, and it is good to invest in careers within this area. Learning is the gift of this placement and should be taken seriously.

The sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and expressiveness. Therefore, having Fortune well aspected in a communicative sign is wonderful for encouraging intelligence and studies.

Keep your head up and take advantage of this very positive position for the future. It is through this Fortune that the person will always be very well understood.

The Wheel of Fortune serves as a compass for the future, especially when it comes to good times and success. When it is associated with the sign of Cancer, the connection with the family is a point of happiness and prosperity in life.

The Cancer sign, which is governed by the Moon and the 04th house, has a complete connection with the figure of the mother and the family, in general. For Fortuna, sensitivity and affection will guide her future life, as this person will be very careful, motherly and devoted to those she loves.

In this way, it is a positive position that indicates a life with a lot of family contact and reciprocal return of affection. Enjoy.

When we talk about Leo, the focus on ego and charisma comes to the fore. Therefore, the Wheel of Fortune shows a successful path through the stages. This person does well in front of the camera and likes to get attention.

Being ruled by the Sun, the sign of Leo is linked to stardom, the arts and sociability. Soon, Fortuna will be well valued in leadership positions, showing that this person will gain success with the charismatic and magnetic personality.

Enjoy Leo’s fun and serenity with this very positive placement; Be the main character in your own life with the Wheel of Fortune in Leo.

To understand the aspects of a Wheel of Fortune in Virgo, it must be understood that service and practicality are characteristics of success. It is through them that this person shines. As Virgo is an earth sign known for demandingness, Fortune indicates that the destiny of success will be achieved through the most methodical lifestyle, hard work and organization.

If you have this placement, know that this useful trait is valuable to success. Furthermore, it is a position that indicates concern for health and vitality.

The sign of Libra, which is known for its beauty and lightness, when aspected on the Wheel of Fortune, shows that success and happiness are linked to harmony.

For this person to achieve joy and good omens, he needs to have a lively social life and cultivate moments of balance with friends, in everyday life. Therefore, this positioning should avoid fights and…

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