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What’s your nude?

Faced with various nail decoration trends and vibrant colors, it is difficult to choose a single nail polish tone that matches everything and lasts all week without letting us down. Just like the black dress, the nude nail polish is an essential item that every woman should have.

As it is a classic, basic and practical color, nude nail polish is suitable for all women who go through several occasions in a single day.

In addition, it is a great color choice to be used on long trips. Because it’s a light tone – almost skin-colored – over time it doesn’t appear to be peeling off like a black nail polish, for example.

Almost all nail polish brands have already launched at least one nude nail polish and the advantage is that you can find similar colors of nail polish from international brands that sell each bottle of nail polish for U$50, here in Brazil for only BRL 2.50.

It is necessary that the nude nail polish chosen by you is compatible with your skin tone, with that in mind we tested 5 different nude nail polishes to help you choose your ideal shade.

nude nail polishes:

  • Ice – Single Layer by Colorama (average price R$3.00).
  • Classic Nude – Impala (average price R$2.50).
  • Cipó – Collection Africa in sight by Colorama (average price R$3.00).
  • Nude – Risqué (average price R$2.50).
  • Life – Risqué (average price R$2.50).

Test a few nude nail polish colors directly on your nails to make sure it’s your ideal nude. The more rosy tones – such as Vine from Colorama and Nude from Risqué – are indicated for women with very fair skin. Because in addition to leaving your nails looking well cared for, you ensure the harmony between the color of the enamel and the skin tone.

For more brunettes, we suggest the grayer nude tones, such as Ice by Colorama and Nude Clássico by Impala. For black women, the lighter nude tones are the most suitable. A good option may be Vida da Risqué.

For a committed weekend, nude nail polish is an excellent option. In addition to having better durability, you can combine it with different looks and still get healthy looking nails. To ensure beautiful and well-glazed nails, be very careful when applying. In addition to the cuticles being very apparent with clear nail polish, it is very easy to stain.

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