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What is the relationship between your sleeping position and your personality?

We found a very simple test that can reveal a lot about you. Look at the image below and select the position in which you think you sleep most nights🇧🇷

If you can’t sleep without bend your knees when you are lying on your side, you are a calm and reliable person. He is not easily offended and is not afraid of the future. You wake up smiling even on a cold morning, and you can easily adapt to almost all the changes that happen in your life. If you usually sleep in fetal position, often feel the need to be protected, understood or understood. This position is a way for you to isolate yourself from the problems of the world. The ideal way to make the most of your talent is to paint pictures, dance or write a blog🇧🇷 if you sleep from mouth down with your arms and legs by your side, you are a leader. He is impulsive, always has initiative, and likes order in both his personal and professional life. You prefer to plan everything in advance and don’t like surprises. Your perseverance and sense of responsibility always help when it comes to achieving something. if you sleep from mouth up, most likely you are a positive person who loves life, is used to being the center of attention and loves company. You work doggedly and persistently, but rationally, and you always try to tell the truth. People who sleep in this position tend to have a strong personality. if you sleep like a soldier, lying face up and with his arms close to his body, is probably a balanced person who knows very well what the goals in his life are, and strives to achieve them. You can be rigid, pedantic, and demanding, but you are especially demanding of yourself. If you sleep like a heron, with one leg bent, most likely you have an unpredictable personality that takes you on all sorts of adventures. At the same time, your mood can change quickly, leaving those close to you a little confused. Often has difficulty making decisions. In general, you prefer stability, peace and tranquility at work and in your personal life.

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If you sleep in different positions instead of just one, it means that you have a personality that varies and that can hide some things that not even you can understand.

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