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What is the Merey cream for? It’s an all time classic

Maybe you don’t know What is the Merey cream for but you remember specific episodes from childhood in which they applied ointments to refresh wounds and take care of your skin.

Both mothers and grandmothers often have homemade tricks to relieve pain and heal scrapes and bruises. Suddenly, some time you came from playing in the street and they applied coffee to your knees to disinfect some wound you had, or used neomycin to heal it quickly.

Today, a few years later, we ask ourselves, what is sulfur for? Or we doubt what properties neomycin cream has to help care for the skin in various cases. We tell you everything:

What is Merey ointment cream for?

This is a cream that works as a skin antibiotic and contains neomycin sulfate and zinc oxide, elements that could help prevent or treat certain skin infections caused by bacteria, in addition to moisturizing the dermis.What does neomycin cure?

The cream is basically made of neomycin, an element that is used clinically as a bactericidal antibiotic and is supplied both topically and orally. It is said that it could attack bacteria capable of corroding the skin or that in certain cases, they would be guilty of causing intestinal conditions such as gastroenteritis. For no reason is it recommended to consume medications that contain this substance, without the prior approval of a specialist.

What is the Merey cream for on the face?

This is one of the formulas most used by many people to prevent or treat topical conditions such as dermatitis or inflammations that attack the skin due to infections caused by fungi or bacteria. Although much is said about its benefit to treat acne, it must be said that it would not have major effects in this regard, as is the case with calendula cream and what it is used for in skin care. Although it helps in the healing process, this Merey cream is not capable of eliminating the excess fat that causes the appearance of pimples. The way to use this ointment on the face is by applying twice a day to the affected area.. You must first wash your face to remove dirt and toxins.

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What is Merey lemon cream for?

There are versions of this cream that already contain lemon extract, while sometimes at home, a few drops of this fruit are usually added to the traditional Merey cream, in order to clean wounds and accelerate healing.

if you wonder what is the lemon forWell, we must remind you that it would have some antibacterial capabilities, which would make it the perfect complement for homemade dermatological treatments. Merey lemon cream would help to treat secondary bacterial dermatitis, as well as in dermatitis complicated by fungal infections.

What benefits does Merey cream have and what is it for?

There are those who would also attribute powers to this topical component to quickly eliminate pain or muscle contractions. We must tell you that there is no evidence that this is true. What is Merey cream used for? Body is when drying wounds, scrapes or minor burns, applying three times a day, avoiding exposing these lesions to the sun and leaving them uncovered so that the action of the cream is much more effective.

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