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What is the meaning of dreaming about macumba? – Blog

According to Wikipedia, macumba is a generic definition of Afro-Brazilian cults, originating in the Nagô and which were influenced by other African, Amerindian, Catholic, Spiritist and occultist religions. The offerings we find on the streets are pejoratively called macumbas. Generally, offerings are made in sacrifice of some Orisha. This way, dream about macumbawould actually dream of offering, and what would be its real meaning?

This type of dream could even indicate that someone is making an offering against you, but it could also be a sign that there is a very important secret in your life, but it will hardly be revealed, as you are afraid of what they will think about it. . This type of message can also indicate that someone is manipulating you. Watch out!

So, if you had what is popularly called a dream about macumba, but that would actually be a dream with an offering, try to remember as much detail as possible to have a more correct interpretation.

Meaning of dreaming about offering (macumba)

To dream of offering for good – Some things that will happen in your life will end up positively surprising you. cheer up.

To dream of offering for evil – It’s a warning that your achievements are the result of deception and cheating, that’s wrong. It is a sign that you feel ashamed of such acts. It’s time to rethink your attitudes and fight in a dignified way for your dreams.

To dream of offering against you – It is a warning that someone close to you will betray you. Beware of false friends, they may already show signs that they don’t want your best. The future can bring negative surprises.

Dream about offering to achieve goals – It indicates that you should stay focused on your goals and do your best to accomplish them, instead of looking for blame or justifications for your lack of commitment.

To dream of offering for your own good – When you dream that you are making an offering asking for something, thinking only of yourself, it is a sign that someone you never imagined will arrive to help you achieve your goals.

Dream about offering using lit candle – A good omen. The lit candle means that luck will cross your path. Take advantage of this period of your life to fulfill your desires and dreams. Everything indicates that it will be an incredible experience.

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