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What is the fate of leftover soap in hotels?

It is common, when we enter a hotel room, to have the bathroom ‘prepared’ with a bath kit with shampoo, soap, disposable shower cap, etc. We usually use what they give us, and what’s left we often take home as a “souvenir”. But that only happens because you still don’t know about a super ‘good’ initiative that we will show you below and that, over time, may reach more hotel establishments around the world.

O awesome.club shares a story that will make you no longer want to take your leftover hotel soap.

Today, more than 844 million people do not have access to safe drinking water and more than 2.3 billion live without the possibility of basic hygiene care. Thousands of girls are forced to leave school due to problems with feminine hygiene. The main reason for infant mortality up to the age of 5 are diseases related to poor hygiene.

Research has shown that simply following basic hygiene procedures, such as bathing with soap daily, could reduce infant mortality by 50%.

The American Shawn Seipler had a simple and efficient idea: to recycle and reuse soap waste from hotels. During his stay in a hotel, he asked the maid what happened to the soap left in the rooms. She replied that they were thrown in the trash.

After that, in 2009, Shawn founded an organization, Clean the world (something like ‘Clean the world’), whose objective was to guarantee soap to countries that needed this very basic product. They are donated, allowing the improvement of hygiene conditions in these regions.

Pieces of soap left behind after a guest’s stay go into a container, destined for special recycling organizations. The process includes important steps: disinfection with sanitary products to kill all possible bacteria, crushing and creating new bars of soap.

The Clean the World team packs the new soap and ships it to people who need it. To date, the bars have been received by 10 million people in 127 countries. Thousands of people can be saved from deadly diseases if they just start washing their hands with soap.

Approximately 4,000 hotels have already joined the campaign. The representative of one of them said in an interview that this gesture can transform our Planet into a safer place.

And what do you do with hotel soap? Do you know if the hotel you are going to stay in on your next vacation participates in the program? On the Clean the World website, you can find the list of hotel chains that are part of the project.

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