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What is spiritual clairvoyance? How does this gift work?

Some people develop more than the five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. This is the case of the spiritual seer, who through his vision is able to communicate with beings and energies from other dimensions. But what is spiritual scrying and how does it work?

Spiritual clairvoyance: what is it?

Spiritual clairvoyance is a gift that can be developed to see beyond what our eyes can see.

A spiritual seer has the gift of being able to visualize somehow with the spirit world and/or notice aspects of other planes that most of us cannot perceive.

Therefore, a spiritual seer can, for example, notice the change in his state of mind more profoundly than another person without this gift. This ability is called psychic mediumship.

How to be a spiritual seer?

Spiritual seers are able to develop the “third eye”, which is the invisible 6th chakra. Through it see spirits, auras, objects and places that are not perceptible to others.

However, there are other sensory perceptions that can manifest in spiritual seers such as sensations, smells and tastes of the spiritual world.

This gift can manifest naturally, but some cannot perceive the ability of clairvoyance nor do they know how to interpret the messages received by the astral plane.

And of course, it’s no use seeing the astral plane if you can’t interpret its signs. The spiritual seer needs to work on his spiritual side to sharpen his senses and prevent other energies from influencing his perception.

Therefore, it is essential that this person seek to specialize in order to know how to deal with such a skill.

Watch this video by psychic Solange about her experience with the gift of clairvoyance:

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Consult spiritual seers to find your spiritual self

It can be a great option to consult a spiritual seer to deal with unresolved issues in your life. Through his heightened sensitivity he can advise you on how to deal with these issues and if you have any karmic connections.

What issues can a spiritual seer help you with?

  • Love, family and work

During a problem in your marriage, family conflicts or professional crises, a spiritual seer can pay attention to how the spiritual world is involved in the negative and positive issues of your life, advising you on how to get rid of negative energies and how your situation is. karma.

For those who wish to know more about their past lives, a spiritual seer can clarify questions from their other lives. This can help you overcome your current traumas and even find your soul mate!

We all need spiritual help, as the world is not just about what we see or touch… there is much more than that, and we need to be aware and connected with our inner self and with the divine.

A spiritual seer aims to direct and guide the querent to find the solution to all these questions.

Make your appointment with a spiritual seer and receive help in all areas of your life.

The best spiritual seers are in the

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Our professionals provide a complete file with profile and photo, in addition to the evaluations and notes of people who have already consulted with him.

So you can choose the spiritual seer that you most identify with. We have esoterics available for consultation 24 hours a day, either by phone, chat or email.

Now that you know what spiritual clairvoyance is, go to our consultation page and talk to one of our professionals!

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