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What is phenol peeling and necessary care with the procedure

In addition to these care, the dermatologist says that non-exposure to the sun during the recovery period is essential and essential. Always remember to maintain your skin care even after the recovery period.

Phenol peel recovery

According to the professional, the recovery of the integument (skin and its attachments) takes an average of 3 months. In the 2 or 3 days following the procedure, painful discomfort and/or swelling of the treated area is common. It is also common for the appearance of spots that can be for a limited time. Therefore, it is important that everything is aligned with the responsible doctor.

Risks and Contraindications

Dr. Julia Rocha says that phenol is toxic and can have consequences for the kidneys, liver and heart. Therefore, patients with heart, kidney and liver diseases should avoid performing the procedure. In addition, patients with healing difficulties and frequent appearance of keloids should also avoid peeling.

Videos about phenol peeling

In addition to the doubts taken by the dermatologist, we separate some videos about phenol peeling. This can help you understand a little more about the procedure and hear a little more about care, risks, and tips.

All about phenol peeling

Dr. Lucas Fustinoni tells a little more about phenol peeling, who should do it and what are the main warnings about this very aggressive procedure. He says that lighter skin is more receptive to this type of chemical peel.

What is phenol peeling like?

In summary, Dr. Fernanda Bortolozo tells how the deep peeling procedure is done and tells more about what phenol is and how it is used for the face and skin. She talks more about the office procedure and how it should be performed.

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Chemical peel care

Post-procedure care is essential to keep the skin healthy and reduce the side effects of peeling. Therefore, it is important to be attentive and follow these precautions to the letter. The video above brings everything you need to take care of the healing process.

As you have seen, phenol peeling is a deep procedure that requires a lot of care before and after its application, but which can bring very visible results. Take the opportunity to find out which is the ideal peeling for your skin type.

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