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What is oracle: ALL ABOUT + main types 🔮

Oracles have been used since ancient times by people all over the world and each of the various existing types has distinct characteristics that help people interpret messages from the astral world, or from the deities.

They are usually used to read about the future. However, they are much more than that and can help you on your journey of self-knowledge.

Want to learn more about the subject? Then check out the article below. In it, you will understand once and for all what an oracle is and you will also see what the main types are and receive tips on how to choose one of them!

After all, what is an oracle?

To understand what an oracle is, you have to go back to antiquity, where this word was used to describe places where people went to seek answers from the deities about what would happen to them in the future or about some personal question.

One of the best known to this day was that of Delphi, which was located at the foot of Mount Parnassus in Greece. He was sought after by common people as well as by great political figures of the time.

Mythology says that the prophecies made by the priestesses of the place were sent by the god Apollo himself. Therefore, they were considered very reliable.

Currently, the term is applied to various types of divinatory arts that use some means to interpret messages. They are usually patterns that are analyzed according to the order and question asked by the querent.

In general, the term can be understood as a tool to obtain some hidden knowledge, which serves to make life easier for those looking for it. For this reason, they serve as an aid in the journey of self-knowledge and in making important decisions.

What does oracle mean?

The word oracle comes from the Latin, oraculum, which means something like a message from a god. Therefore, it can be used to describe a place, a person who uses one of the many divinatory arts or the medium itself.

What are the main types of oracles?

There are several types of oracles and each of them has its own techniques on how to communicate with the astral world. See below which they are and how the main and best known ones in the world currently work.

Tarot: this is a very old oracle, consisting of a deck with 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana and 56 Major Arcana. The reading is done by analyzing the combinations between the cards.

palmistry: is the art of reading the future through the lines that form the palms of people, analyzing the patterns and individualities of each one.

Caffeomancy: interpretation of the future through the coffee grounds that accumulate at the bottom of the cups and that are poured into a saucer for easy viewing.

Búzios: belongs to Afro-Brazilian religions and is made up of 16 whelks, the shells of a mollusc, which are thrown on a table. The experts then interpret their position.

crystallomancy: it is the reading of the images that are reflected in the crystals, commonly the iconic crystal balls, to discover the future of the querent.

Gypsy Deck: deck of 36 cards with figures that have cosmic and psychological meanings. The reading is done by analyzing the images and the sensations they convey at the moment.

runes: oracle used by ancient vikings consisting of 24 stones, each with a symbol drawn. Both the stone itself, the position in which they fall and the combination between them are used to interpret the message of the spirit world.

There are also several other types of oracles, as each culture has developed its individual ways of communicating and interpreting the messages sent by the deities.

Some techniques, for example, use animal bones, coins or even the analysis of biblical passages and other sacred texts.

How to choose an oracle to consult or learn?

There is no exact answer to this question. That’s because choosing an oracle, whether to get the answer to a question or to learn, needs to be a personal decision. However, there are some tips that can help you do this.

The first is to analyze all available types. Try to know how each one works, what elements they use and also analyze the aesthetics, especially when it comes to those that use cards, for example.

Once that’s done, follow your heart. Yes, it may sound cliché, but this is something important, since it is necessary for the person to identify with the medium, especially if he wants to study it.

Finally, you can even look for opinions from others, but ideally, you decide for yourself. When doing the previous two steps, take time to reflect and let your intuition lead you. Usually she is right and will tell you the best option.

What is the function of the oracle?

The oracle’s function is to show the future. But not in a final way, as it can still be changed according to decisions made in the present. Therefore, it is possible to understand the messages as a guide on what to do to achieve self-knowledge.

What types of oracles?

There are different types of oracles. Some of them have been used since antiquity, while others were created a few centuries ago, but they are all reliable. Some of the most used today are Tarot, Gypsy Deck, Nordic Runes and Búzios.

Discover what the oracles have to tell you

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