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What is Monovin A and why you shouldn’t use it

Monovin A is a product for veterinary use that gained fame after its use in the so-called “pump shampoo”, which promises to make hair grow stronger and faster. The substance, however, is not suitable for humans. Learn more about the product, what it’s for and check out the experts’ alert.

What is Monovin A and what is it used for?

Felipe Chediek (CRM-SC 26050), a dermatologist with a postgraduate degree in Trichology and Aesthetic Medicine, a full member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, explains that Monovin A is composed of a concentration of vitamin A, being indicated for intramuscular application. “It is a medicine authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture for use in animals, and its package insert indicates its specific use in cattle”, he points out.

“Monovin A is indicated for vitamin A replacement in cattle that are lacking this vitamin in their body, as this insufficiency can cause growth problems in the animal, in addition to involvement by infections in the eyes, respiratory system, among others”, he comments. Chediek.

The indication of the product, by itself, should be enough for people to know that Monovin A should not be used in humans.

Monovin A contraindications

For Rodrigo Pirmez (CRM-RJ 896772), dermatologist specializing in hair and scalp diseases, member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, European Hair Research Society and North American Hair Research Society, current coordinator of the Hair Department of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology – Regional Rio de Janeiro, the contraindication is exactly the use in humans. “There is no indication of use of Monovin A in humans; and it is a mistake to believe that the product makes hair grow”, he warns.

If the drug is not authorized by Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) for use in humans, emphasizes Felipe Chediek, it means that it has never been tested on humans and that there is no scientific study that it can bring benefits.

“In addition, the concentration of vitamin A in the product is too high for humans and can cause an excess of the vitamin in the body, which results in hair loss, dry skin and lips, weakening of bones, among others. symptoms,” warns Chediek.

Other ways to get vitamin A

People who resort to using Monovin A, using the product directly on their hair, generally believe that they will achieve stronger and/or longer hair. But, in fact, the lack of vitamin A is not even the main cause for hair loss and/or weakening.

Humans can also have vitamin A deficiency, as Rodrigo Pirmez comments, however, this specific medication (Monovin A) is registered for veterinary use, thus not being the solution to this type of problem.

“Vitamin A would not make hair grow faster, not even in the dosage and manufacture indicated for humans, it does not have this function. There are no products that interfere with the speed of hair growth, but there are options to increase the growth time of a hair (its anagen phase), allowing it to grow longer, before falling out naturally. If the problem is an unusual drop, it is important to investigate the cause, which can be diverse. And injecting a product with vitamin A or even passing it through the hair does not solve any of the causes of hair loss”, explains Chediek.

Before spending money on inappropriate products and putting your own health at risk, you need to look for a dermatologist to investigate possible causes of hair loss and/or thinning.

Juliana Jordão (CRM-PR 23783), dermatologist from Curitiba (PR), full member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, highlights that telogen effluvium is the main cause of hair loss. “It can happen due to stress, deficiency of some vitamin (especially iron), diseases such as hypothyroidism, or after some types of procedures (surgeries, childbirth). This drop is transient, lasting an average of 3 to 6 months,” she explains.

Already the weakening of the threads, highlights Juliana, is mainly caused by vitamin deficiencies and the use of chemicals. “Diets poor mainly in iron (as in the case of people who do not eat red meat, beans, dark green vegetables) and even a larger menstrual volume (since the woman asks for iron in the blood) can be responsible for the iron deficiency that is leading to weakening of the hair”, he exemplifies.

“Chemicals, such as progressives and highlights, at the same time, leave the wires elastic and fragile, more susceptible to breakage, as well as hair extensions with megahair that, if not placed properly, due to excessive traction, can cause the wire to break. more easily”, adds Juliana.

But what are the ways to get vitamin A? Is this vitamin important for hair? “Vitamin A is present in sufficient amounts in certain foods (such as some fish, egg yolks, vegetables and orange fruits), so people who eat these foods will certainly not need supplementation”, explains Juliana.

“In addition, high doses of vitamin A do not bring great benefits to the hair (on the contrary, high doses can even lead to hair breakage)”, explains dermatologist Juliana.

All this reinforces the importance of escaping from fads and looking for suitable treatments for the hair, which will only be possible after a consultation with a dermatologist. Also check out myths and truths about hair loss.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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