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What is Feng Shui: understand what it is for and how to apply it |

O Feng Shui it is an ancient Chinese practice that involves art, technique and wisdom, and allows harmonizing houses and apartments. In addition to residential spaces, such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, Feng Shui can be applied in businesses and commercial spaces and in all types of property and land.

Feng Shui is done through decoration, interior design, landscaping, architecture, projects, furniture arrangement, use of colors, application of materials (glass, ceramics, wood, metal), use of objects, images, shapes and Feng Shui elements.

What is Feng Shui

The basis of Feng Shui is the vital energy, known as “chi”, which is present and circulates in buildings and environments. So, we can say that this ancient Chinese technique acts in the same way as a therapeutic treatment: balancing the vital energy of the environment.

One of the priorities of Feng Shui is to approach nature. Therefore, crystals, stones, natural lighting, air circulation, fountains with water, natural plants and flowers are highly recommended in internal and external environments.

What does Feng Shui mean? Not by chance, the Feng Shui means wind-water, in the literal translation of the term. That is, Feng Shui has the meaning of two manifestations of nature and essential for all living beings.

The ancient Chinese believed that if you chose the right place to live, you would live a prosperous and balanced life. There is a Chinese proverb that defines this search for a harmonious home:

Where the wind is soft and the sun is warm, the water is clear and the vegetation is lush

Today, many people cannot live close to nature, but we can bring it into our homes through Feng Shui.

Bagua in Feng Shui

The Baguá is a kind of map with an octagonal shape – used by the Escola do Chapéu Negro do Feng Shui – to identify in the floor plan of a property what needs to be harmonized in the environments. Each corner of the Baguá is known as a guá and symbolizes an area of ​​life.

They are: Work, Friends, Creativity, Relationships, Success, Prosperity, Family and Spirituality. Each Guá of the Baguá has its meaning, its color, its element and its shape. We will see this in detail later in the article.

The Baguá map is applied on the floor plan of the house, an apartment, a property considering the entrance door for alignment and correct application.

There are square or rectangular floor plans that are easier to make and visualize the Bagua application. But there are properties with irregular and different formats (design) of floor plans, so it is important to consult a Feng Shui for a personalized analysis, suggestion of Feng Shui cures and the correct application of Bagua for the place.

After applying the Bagua, you will identify which room each of the guas is in. Another way is to apply the Baguá in just one room of the house, such as in a bedroom, considering the entrance to the base of the Baguá map.

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And to activate each of the Guás, decorate it with objects related to colors, shapes and Feng Shui elements, check below:


Colors: Black and Dark Blue
Form: winding
Element: Water

Movement and the idea of ​​continuity govern this area, which is related to your professional life and also to your daily routines. Everything goes well in your daily life and in the work environment when there is harmony in this gua.


Colors: Blue
Form: square
Element: Earth

The connection with your inner growth, your values, intuition, connection, faith and your religious beliefs are in this gua. And also the intellectual development that is the keyword of this place, where studies, intuition, self-knowledge and mental clarity are cultivated.


Colors: Green
Form: Rectangular
Element: Wood

It is the site of family ties from the ancestors to the closest relatives. To overcome obstacles and difficult phases of life, we turn to our origins and roots to find that magical and invigorating force.


Colors: purple, purple
Form: Rectangular
Element: Wood

This is the area of ​​wealth and prosperity. But it’s worth remembering that it’s also the area of ​​abundance in all areas of life like health, friends and happiness. To be prosperous, you need to know how to be grateful and deal with the energy of money in a positive and balanced way.


Colors: Red
Form: triangular
Element: Fire

Your reputation only depends on you. Therefore, take care of the integrity of your image with sincerity so that people can recognize your qualities in all aspects: professional and personal. Thus, you will feel accomplished and succeed.


Colors: pink, white
Form: square
Element: Earth

This is the gua of love and marriage. Happiness and harmony in relationships only happen when they are based on true emotions. Here, it is necessary to cultivate trust, romance, harmony and receptivity between partners.


Colors: White and Pastel
Form: Round
Element: metal

Your future is here. In this guá are born their visionary ideas and projects for a better future, full of enthusiasm, inspiration and joy. This gua is also related to children.


Colors: Gray
Form: Round
Element: metal

In addition to your circle of friends, friends are all the people who help you. You know that “angel that falls from the sky” when you need it most? Yeah, he really was sent to help you. Therefore, friends are your benefactors. This gua is also related to travel.

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Colors: Yellow orange
Form: square
Element: Earth

It is the connection between the eight guas. At the center of the property is the unity of all things and the balance of energy and physical health of the environment and its residents.

Feng Shui: tips for rooms

Each room has a function, an energy and is part of the house, as well as each member of the body.

A completely empty room, for example, can cause a feeling of hopelessness in life. A room reserved, on the other hand, for the baby who will arrive one day, but which is full of broken and useless objects, does not allow the energy to flow for the dream to come true.

The famous “mess room” should not be called that. It can be called a pantry, deposit or storage room – as long as everything there has a use, function, is working, organized and easy to find.

A door must not be obstructed and lose its function. Windows cannot be jammed. Life energy (chi) must flow in every room, throughout the house. And a “problem” room or structure (for example, a messy room or closet) can affect the energy of the entire house.

Feng Shui’s golden tip for luck, prosperity and good energy is to fix leaks and items in each room, and keep all rooms well organized and clean.

Feng Shui in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place reserved for intimacy and pleasure, relaxation and renewal of energy. To apply Feng shui in the bedroom and make it harmonious, this place must be more preserved, so it should not be shared with visitors other than residents or people with close and intimate relationships.

According to Feng Shui, a double or single bedroom must be very well maintained and decorated, due to its importance and because it is a high-permanence room.

Change pillows regularly; use cotton, knit or comfortable bedding; do not use strong colors such as red, yellow, orange; and turning off the cell phone are basic Feng Shui tips for the bedroom that guarantee good energy for adults, young people and children.

Below, see specific Feng Shui tips for each type of room.

Feng Shui: double bedroom

Curtains on the windows: symbolize affection and more respectful dialogues
Matching bedside tables: for support and stability in the relationship
Matching lamps or lampshades: to balance the relationship
Carpets: equal and on both sides of the bed, for safety and comfort
Headboard on the bed: for protection and stability
Cushions and decor in pairs: for couple partnership
Photos of happy moments of the couple: to increase the connection.

Feng Shui in the single bedroom

Avoid many books, work and study material beside the bed that can cause anxiety Turn off your cell phone, computer, TV or any other electronics, as they emit electromagnetic waves and activate the mind, causing insomnia If you use your cell phone as an alarm clock, leave it on Airplane mode or disconnect mobile data and Wi-Fi Place a picture in front of the bed that stimulates energy of affection Flowers in even numbers (white or pink) Decorate with pairs of objects to attract or enhance romance: pillows, candles, vases , paintings, sculptures Use an image or sculpture of a couple hugging, dancing, or kissing.

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Feng Shui in the children’s room

Avoid positioning the bed with the feet directly facing the door Do not place shelves over cribs or beds Place pictures at children’s eye level Reserve a wall so children can doodle or stick stickers Use boxes or chests to organize toys: one box for cars, another for musical instruments, another for books, another for dolls, another for pets, another for puzzles and building toys Decorate with soft colors: blue for tranquility, white for cleaning, lilac for protection, green for harmony and pink for love Do not use the colors red, yellow and orange, which are hot and stimulating colors and can affect sleep and make the child irritable.

Feng Shui and plants

Feng Shui prioritizes having nature close to the houses, so it uses many plants indoors and outdoors to attract luck and prosperity.

In addition, purer and cleaner air, good energies and motivation are some of the benefits that plants bring to environments and to their occupants.

Check out the plant tips that are recommended by Feng Shui

Feng Shui Plants for Prosperity

Plants that grow fast and upwards symbolize increment, as Raffia (photo on the side) and the Zamioculcas
Fruitful plants symbolizing abundance: pomegranate, orange, jabuticabeira
Money in Penca (Callisia repens) with many abundant leaves that multiply quickly, symbolizing abundance and wealth
Sunflower represents success and prosperity. It attracts good fluids to homes and is great for stores and commercial spaces. The flower that connects with the sun is able to ward off sadness and can be a gift to brighten and cheer.

Feng Shui “joker” plants for any corner of the house

Peace lily: transmits serenity, purifies the air and the environment, renews energy by transmuting negative into positive. Good for entryways and bathrooms, but can activate any space in the house.
Zamioculcas (photo on the side): Resistant plant that remains beautiful even when it spends some time without fertilizer and water, therefore, it can be said that it has an energy of resistance and pride, of long life and prosperity. It can be used in any room in the house, including bedrooms.
lucky bamboo: known as…

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