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What is cushion foundation and 12 best products for amazing skin

Cushion foundation is one of those practical products that make everyday life easier for those who love makeup. The packaging is similar to a compact powder, but instead of powder, the product has a liquid foundation. To apply, just press the sponge that comes with the product. Check out the best products to buy below:

1. Cushion Base Who Said, Berenice? – $$

For starters, we present a national foundation that has SPF 40 and promises to hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours. Its coverage is average and Quem Disse Berenice sought references outside Brazil to prepare a super special and useful product.

“This is a great foundation, I really liked it and recommend it to anyone who wants something more practical for everyday use, with easy application, good coverage, natural finish and matte effect at the same time, but I had to remove a few stitches because of the color chart and the lack of a refill that ends up making the product more expensive than it already is, you know?!” – Karen Bachini

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2. Cushion o Boticário base – $$$

The brand offers an oil free foundation, with SPF 40, matte effect and heat resistant formula. In addition, this product is refillable, that is, when the foundation runs out, just buy another refill and replace it.

“After spread, it leaves the face semi opaque and velvety. The feeling is light, I didn’t feel that sticky or gooey touch. As well as I didn’t feel product buildup or cracked effect, which normally the more opaque foundations leave.” – Sabrina Olivetti

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3. Cushion Missha Foundation – $$$$

Another option is this foundation from Missha, which offers long-lasting, natural coverage. Some ingredients used in the composition of this product are bamboo water and baobab fruit extract, which helps in skin hydration. The foundation also contains sun protection factor and lightening action.

“Now, if there’s one promise that I think it lives up to really well, it’s that it lasts on the skin – I think it really lasts all day without major touch-up needs. Also, her sun protection factor is pretty high, which is a plus point. Overall, I enjoyed the experience, I hope more brands launch theirs.” – Marina Fabri

4. Eudora Cushion Base – $$$

A national foundation with SPF 40, which offers medium coverage and a matte effect, hydrating the skin and providing resistance to water and sweat. The brand promises lasting action for an entire day.

“It is matte, but it leaves the skin glowing. I think it’s very beautiful because her skin is dry but she doesn’t have that face of someone who has applied a lot of powder or makeup. To me, her coverage is perfect.” –
Isa Mantini

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5. Cushion Klasmé Foundation – $$$$

With a matte finish, this product offers medium to high coverage and promises to even out skin tone. With light texture and SPF50 and PA +++, in addition to offering a natural and flawless skin, it also protects against the effects of UV rays.

“The foundation spreads well, doesn’t accumulate in dry spots, fine lines or wrinkles, doesn’t mark skin texture, disguises pores and imperfections, coverage looks great – nothing but praise!” – Karen Bachini

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6. Natura Cushion Foundation – $$$

Another national brand, Natura offers a foundation with SPF 40, light texture, high coverage and airbrush effect, which disguises imperfections with an incredible finish. In addition, it contains particle technology and promises hydration for 24 hours.

“Of all the promises she makes, I just don’t totally agree with the “High coverage” part, because otherwise… I’m really in love with this foundation! The skin looks beautiful and very, very natural. And since the coverage issue is solved by building layers or applying a concealer where necessary… I highly recommend it!” – Aunt’s tips

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7. Dior Cushion Foundation – $$$$

From the team of international foundations, Dior offers a product with a matte and illuminated layer at the same time, which helps not to weigh you down. The technology of this foundation contains Colour-Lock and Poreless Effect, which helps to rebalance the skin.

“With full makeup, the result is even better. The texture it leaves on the skin is very light, fresh and velvety. The makeup layer is so thin and dry, it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing foundation!
Another thing I really liked is that it lasted well on my skin, and I didn’t feel the need to touch up throughout the day. So much so that I didn’t use face powder at any time.” – Claudia Stoco

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8. Lancôme Cushion Foundation – $$$$$

This one, on the other hand, offers long-lasting and high coverage with a matte finish, oil-free system and SPF 50/PA+++. The brand also promises full coverage and no touch-ups for up to 20 hours.

“I tested the foundation and was impressed with how my skin looked beautiful and healthy. The application is very intuitive. The finish is matte, but not too dry. I felt that the skin is glowing beautifully, with healthy and well-treated skin, you know? I loved the result.”

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9. L’Oreal Cushion Foundation – $$$$

L’Oreal foundation offers low coverage, ideal for those who prefer a more natural finish.

“I love the finish and the lightness on the skin, as well as the portability. The chances of me repurchasing it when it runs out are great and I will definitely take it on my next trip! I recommend it especially for those who have dry skin and don’t like/need high coverage.” – Fernanda

10. Cushion Laneige Base – $$$$$

With SPF50+ PA+++, oil control, ability to disguise pores and keep the skin hydrated, this cushion has a light texture and even has exclusive optimal mineral water. Its formula is semi-matte and the product promises to keep the skin hydrated on the inside and with a matte finish on the outside.

“In short: I loved the coverage, the protection factor and the non-opaque texture – I was sad I got the color wrong. But I think those who have oily skin will not like the product exactly for that reason. ” – Sabrina Olivetti

11. Cushion Wet n Wild Foundation – $$

Another one for the international foundation team, this one contains coconut derivatives and the formula is luminous, which helps in the hydration of the skin. In addition, it has SPF 15 for protection against UV rays.

12. Tonymoly Cushion Base – $$$$

A Korean foundation that offers SPF50 PA+++ and a matte effect. Its formula is waterproof and helps keep the skin hydrated without the effects of perspiration interfering with the product’s result. In addition, it contains Chamomile, Mint and Mint Extract in the composition and offers a soothing effect to the skin.

“He goes supernatural. His finish is a satin, but it’s a natural satin, you know, it’s not too shiny. It’s a lot of shine the way I like it. It’s so beautiful that it looks like you’re not wearing anything. Very pretty on the skin, I like it a lot. It doesn’t transfer, it doesn’t accumulate and it doesn’t need to finish with powder.” –
Karen Bachini

The cushion base is ideal for those looking for practicality and avoid wasting products. Do you still have questions about how to get your foundation shade right? Then find out how to choose the right foundation for your skin!

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