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What does it mean to dream of drowning? At sea, son, toddler and more!

When water appears in dreams, it carries the symbology of the emotional side of the psyche. Therefore, dreaming of drowning suggests that you are literally drowning in your feelings, which may be repressed or confused. It is a dream that demonstrates the importance of stopping being carried away by emotion and thinking rationally.

This dream also indicates overcoming complicated moments and rebirth. Changes are coming and your reaction in the dream will indicate whether they will be great or not. Dreaming of drowning shows the need to balance emotions, leaving aside what does not add more to embrace a new phase in your life.

All the readings that we can have of the dream of drowning are related to the details and circumstances that appear, as well as the feelings that it awakens. In this article we will see some ways that the dream could have appeared and how to interpret each one of them. Check out!

Drowning in a dream can symbolize many different things, depending on the state of the water and where it is. Therefore, dreaming of drowning in a pool has a very different reading than dreaming of drowning in a lake, for example.

You will see below in detail how the places of drowning in dreams can help in the interpretation and what they can symbolize for waking life. Read on!

Dreaming of drowning in a pool indicates a big change in your life. The still water in the pool shows that your life needs movement, fluidity and something is not letting this happen, probably an emotional event such as fear, anxiety or resistance to change.

However, this dream asks you to face change head on, as it will be fundamental for your journey. If you drowned and died during your dream, this transformation may be poorly received and end up taking a negative turn. But if you saved yourself from drowning, it will be well faced and will bring many benefits.

If you were drowning in the ocean in your dream, two readings can be drawn depending on how the sea presents itself. If he is angry, it is a sign that you are acting against your feelings and intuition, under external influences or pressures. So it’s important to review what’s wrong before it causes unpleasant issues.

If in your dream the sea was calm, it is an indication that you are clear about your emotions and seek to act accordingly. This will lead you to grandiose achievements, all it takes is for you to maintain a balance between reason and emotion, harmonizing your choices and never taking action under pressure or impulsively.

If in the dream you are left at sea by someone or by a ship and you end up drowning, it is a sign of the fear you have of being abandoned, or that you have a trauma related to this that is disturbing the progress of your life. .

Try to understand your feelings and, if necessary, seek psychological help to deal with sensitive issues.

You are feeling suffocated if you dreamed that you were drowning in a bathtub. It’s possible that you’re facing a complicated moment that you can’t get out of, or for which you don’t see resolutions. However, holding on to hopelessness will only sink you further. Therefore, try to act calmly and think about one issue at a time, do not overwhelm yourself.

It’s natural to go through moments of crisis, but the way you behave in it can dictate how easy it is to get out of it or not. Therefore, do not despair and always ponder a lot about what is possible to do, there is always some answer. If needed, don’t be afraid to ask for help, don’t try to solve everything yourself.

If you drowned in a river in a dream, it is a sign that you feel that you are unable to handle so many responsibilities and important issues in your life. You are fading and losing hope about your routine circumstances.

This dream calls for calm, because no one is born with a manual on how to go about life, it is necessary to go one step at a time. You have the resources to get out of this situation, you just need to remain calm and positive so that you can see the doors that open and take advantage of them.

Dreaming of drowning in a car that sinks shows the failure of some undertaking or plan, or even a detour on the path to achieve the goals. It is important to review your plans and actions to understand what is failing and if there is something you can do right to change this trend.

If there are no alternatives to the decline of these plans, do not despair. Life is made of cycles and it is important to understand when something is not working, to put your time in something else that will give better results. The keyword in this dream is renewal.

Pay attention to your path if you dreamed of drowning in a sinking boat. You understand that your life isn’t going the way you’d like, but you don’t do anything to change it or you don’t know what to do. This dream indicates that you need to get out of your comfort zone, which is represented here by the boat – it’s not for nothing that it is sinking!

Do not resist changes, they will be very important to direct your life towards your goals and objectives. Staying in stagnation only breeds more stagnation. This dream calls for action and abandoning limiting beliefs, developing self-confidence. Only those who take risks reach their dreams.

Drowning in a pond during the dream indicates the need to review your priorities, as it is very likely that you are focusing too much on the productive area of ​​life and neglecting leisure and rest. The lagoon is a symbol of tranquility, so if you drown in it, it is a sign that you are refusing serenity, tranquility and calm.

Life obliges, most of the time, to be objective and to be producing and working all the time. However, it is very necessary to know how to measure responsibilities and leisure. Try not to bring work problems into the house and cherish healthy coexistence with your family and friends.

If you dreamed of drowning in a natural disaster, such as a tsunami, flood and other disasters involving water, it is a sign that you will be hit by a torrent of feelings that you will not be able to escape and that possibly will not be caused by you – so it will bring a very strong feeling of powerlessness.

Stay firm and with your head in place, seeking emotional support to go through this phase, be close to those you love and, if necessary, ask for or seek help. If you survived drowning, these problems will soon be resolved, after all, the worst is over. If you died in the dream, a grandiose transformation is approaching, usually very positive.

Drowning in blood while dreaming indicates a deeply painful emotional wound. It could be that you’ve been carrying it around for a while, letting it heal on its own, but it’s not happening and this trauma is influencing your life. This dream asks you to seek help to resolve this situation.

If this emotional wound is a trauma from the past that you cannot deal with, seek professional psychological support, this will help to lighten the load. But if that wound is a hurt with someone and that you can face, forgive and move on with your life, don’t let the hurt be a weight in your life baggage.

Dreaming of drowning in mud is at least desperate, due to the density that the mud has, making it even more difficult to get rid of than drowning in water. This dream indicates that there are problems that you may have postponed solving and that now take on even greater dimensions.

Dreaming of drowning in mud is a sign that it is time to act and resolve what is pending as soon as possible, as it indicates that it will soon be impossible to get out of this situation. Try to understand what can be done and do not delay any longer. If necessary, ask for help with the resolution.

Drowning in a wave during the dream shows conditions and situations in your life that do not depend on you, are uncontrollable. You will feel the impact, but you won’t be able to do anything about it. This feeling of being impacted by situations and not being able to resolve it is desperate, but you have to stay calm to get back to the surface and breathe.

This dream also raises warnings about your personal relationships, as these troubled circumstances may be caused by someone close to you. Therefore, avoid expecting too much from others, especially from people who are proving to be very different from what you imagined. Review your trusts.

The symbolism of the drowning dream is related to the drowning person, so even when you dream that you see another person drowning, the interpretations still concern the dreamer, linked to the symbolism of the person who is present. Let’s understand how the people who appear in the dream drowning can be interpreted, as well as the variations, such as the act of saving that person from drowning. Next!

Dreaming of someone drowning that you cannot distinguish who it is shows that we cannot always solve everything for everyone. This is a difficult truth to accept, because when you care about someone, you want to see that person well and happy, give advice and even solve their problems. However, most of the time, it only depends on the resolution.

You need to understand that the important thing is to be present, help in whatever way possible and, if the person asks, advise in the best way. That’s enough, don’t beat yourself up if you see that your friends don’t listen or don’t want to improve. This dream shows your weariness in feeling that your hands are tied, but it also asks you not to try to embrace the problem of others for yourself.

If you dreamed that you were drowning, it is possible that you are diminishing your perception of your own abilities. If you are facing a problem, this dream shows that you have everything you need to solve it, just keep calm and act, just as in a drowning situation it is advised to calm down and swim to the surface – panic only aggravates the problem. situation.

If you are not facing any problems, this dream indicates that you need to act to achieve your dreams, they will not come to you if there is no real search. Don’t be paralyzed by the fear of not working or making mistakes, these are important steps for growth and put your ideas in…

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