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What does it mean to dream about pumpkin? Find it out! – Blog

Did you dream of pumpkins? In general, this type of dream is related to prosperity and also relationships with people you love. Pumpkin is a symbol of fertility and renewal, so in general pumpkin dreams are related to new projects or unexpected gains.

Here are the most common interpretations for dreaming of a pumpkin:

dream about pumpkin

To dream of a pumpkin plant or a pumpkin patch suggests that you are worried about your money, looking for solutions to earn more or better invest what you earn. It is a dream with good omen: you will succeed in the choice you make!

Also, dreaming about planting pumpkins means that you need to celebrate your achievements with the people you love. Don’t let your victories go unnoticed.

Dream about planting pumpkins

This type of dream brings two possible meanings. If you dream of planting pumpkins, it means that you are having relationships with immature people. Some friendships can get you into trouble, so think carefully about who you want close to you, be it romantic relationships or friendships.

If you dream that someone else plants pumpkins, it is possible that a great friend will come to you for advice on an important decision that you intend to make. You will want to do your best to help him, but remember: the final decision is his, not you.

dream of pumpkin candy

Pumpkin candy in dreams is about your pocketbook. To dream of pumpkin candy means some kind of closure after an abundant event; a project that brought you a profit is about to end, for example. It’s time to plan financially.

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dream about pumpkin pie

If you make or eat pumpkin pie in your dream, prepare your heart: you are about to meet a really interesting person! To dream of pumpkin pie means that someone special will come into your life and will delight you not only with their appearance, but with their way of thinking and facing life.

More than a good omen, this dream brings important advice: when this person appears, don’t feel inferior or think that he or she is “too much sand for your little truck”. Believe in yourself and get ready to live sweet moments!

dream about pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seed in dreams is related to the small doses of luck and prosperity that we experience in our daily life. Dreaming of pumpkin seeds is a sign to calm your heart and mind and enjoy the small achievements of everyday life. You are on the right path, don’t worry so much!

Dream of Giant Pumpkins

This dream suggests that great wealth is coming your way – yay! Dreaming of giant pumpkins also has another possible meaning: that you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle. How about taking time to think about yourself and take care of yourself more?

dream of spoiled pumpkin

To see a rotten pumpkin in a dream means that you are investing your time in something that has already lost its value. To dream of a spoiled pumpkin is a sign for you to rethink what activities you are dedicating your time and money to.

Dream about green pumpkins

Are you planning something or working on a personal project? Dreaming of green pumpkins is a sign that it is not yet time to reap your rewards. Keep working, stay focused and keep going.

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Dreaming of Pumpkin Lamps (Jack O’lantern)

Do you know Jack O’lantern? This is the name given to lanterns made with pumpkins to celebrate Halloween, uncommon in Brazil but very famous in other countries. If you dream of pumpkin lamps like this, it means that you need to be more careful. You like to take risks and you’re bold, and that’s fine, but you need to think more about the consequences of your actions.

Dream about pumpkin and the animal game

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