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What does a bird in the window mean? Singing, entering and more!

The bird represents freedom, love and happiness. When he appears at your window, people are very likely to be thoughtful. Some are delighted and admired, others are afraid of the omen it represents. However, first of all, you need to know how to listen to your intuition to understand the context of this visit.

There are interpretations that indicate bad omens, such as someone’s death. However, you may be going through a phase where you are feeling stuck, with no prospects.

Therefore, the visit of a bird represents, for the most part, that you will be able to go through a process of internal changes, or even at home, city or state. They say the bigger it is, the farther you can go. Don’t be afraid to take chances.

Let go of the things that are impeding your evolution. Don’t let fears imprison you. There are beliefs that a visit from a bird means that you will receive good news, or a visit from the person you love. Learn more about what the bird means in different cultures, its spiritual meanings and what is the interpretation of its presence in a window.

In many traditions, birds are seen as beings strictly connected to the spiritual world, being messengers and representatives of freedom. In the list below, learn more about birds in Egyptian, Celtic, Chinese, Hindu, Islamic and Gypsy culture.

In addition to the Phoenix, which carries a great mythological symbol about rebirth and the predominance of life over death in many cultures, there is especially the extinct White Ibis, or Sacred Ibis, seen as the reincarnation of the god Thoth, lunar god of magic and wisdom – represented with the body of a man, the head of a bird and a long beak.

The diversity of colors in the plumage of this bird made it considered sacred, as they resembled the nuances of the moon, involving the colors white, gold and black. In offerings, the birds were mummified and buried, which allowed, centuries later, to become the object of research by scientists.

It is also believed that the offerings were made to cure health problems and resolve emotional issues.

Birds are divine symbols for Celtic culture, represented as messengers of the gods, with the power to wake up the dead or use the sound of their song to bring death. The species called Cranes is considered a divine messenger, symbolizing intelligence, mysteries and wisdom. However, there are beliefs that bad people were turned into Cranes, as a punishment.

Associated with the god of the sea – the god Lir, the bird was like an oracle to predict storms. The first bird that salutes the sun as soon as the first rays of the day appear, symbolizes the truth, emphasizing the importance of self-control to avoid major conflicts.

In Chinese culture, birds are involved in many legends. Among them, Fenghuang stands out. The bird is considered by many to be the Chinese phoenix, but its name represents the union of the masculine in “Feng” and the feminine in “Huang”, bringing harmony, like the yin-yang.

The mystical Fenghuang is a bird that symbolizes the empress, the feminine. She has the five sacred colors: red, blue, yellow, white and black, being associated with prosperity and peace, with very peculiar characteristics – which makes her the queen and the sum of all birds.

Generally, the bird is seen in images and paintings alongside dragons – a Chinese symbol that specifically represents the masculine, to bring harmony and happiness in couples’ relationships.

In Hindu culture, the great eagle Garuda is represented by the figure of a human head with a beak and three eyes, being a mixture between a human and a bird body – with wings, arms and legs.

The bird, which kills serpents, is also compared to the Phoenix – carrying the brightness of the sun and fire, and representing the end of battles of good and evil, death and life. For Hindus, birds were also sacred and represented friendship between men and gods.

Birds symbolize destiny, the immortality of the soul and are like angels in Islamic culture – both angels and birds have wings to reach the heavens.

There are mystical beliefs that birds represent the human soul. However, this is due to the fact that there are holy quotes that confirm everything in the verses of the Quran. According to claims, there are verses that are written in the form of pictures of birds. For Muslims, birds are worshiping God all the time, making contemplations with their flight and songs, becoming sacred.

Gypsy culture is made up of people who also carry different mystical traits. Lovers of nature and freedom – for them, each bird has a meaning.

Gypsies believe that the crow is mysterious and intelligent. When they see a crow alone it is a sign of sadness, however, if they are in pairs, it means joy. If they find a dead crow on the road, they must turn back. However, if he is just standing still, the sign to go is positive.

Gypsies like to live surrounded by birds – they maintain that a place with birds brings prosperity, but believe that hearing an owl singing during the day is a bad omen. For them, it is bad luck to hunt or kill this type of bird.

Just as birds have different meanings in different cultures, they also have their peculiarities according to the species. In the following text, you will learn more about the spiritual meaning of each species of bird: the sparrow, the dove, the well-te-vi, the pigeon, the hummingbird and the parrot.

The sparrow is a small bird that symbolizes joy. He survives in many territories, in the city or in the countryside, inspiring people to have the same resilience as him – overcoming problems in times when life is difficult.

It takes lightness to face problems and act with self-respect, responding with a smile and enthusiasm as in the beautiful song of the sparrow, which often wakes everyone up with excitement. Their responsibility and desire to share life in a pack teaches that everyone should be supportive.

The bird, which is considered the symbol of hospitality, draws attention to the fact that the details of small things are also exalted, because with that, there is the possibility of making big changes.

A sweet and meek bird, which refers to delicacy, hope and humility. The turtledove, like pigeons, also symbolizes peace, purification, love and loyalty. It lives enchanting in the countryside or in the city and brings good omens, regardless of where you find it.

These birds are also messengers, teaching the strength and will to fight against life’s adversities. As much as everything seems difficult, there will always be a solution. Therefore, do not believe that this bird can bring bad omens, as it also has a close connection with spirituality.

One of the first birds to announce that the sun is rising, the well-te-vi is a symbol of prosperity. It represents the human soul in connection with spirituality. With joy, the little bird sings, teaching that enthusiasm and the will to win must remain above all sadness and disappointment.

The well-te-vi does not allow itself to be frightened by other species – it defends its nest regardless of the size of the predator. How many times, have you let your fear be bigger than anything? Reflect and spread your wings to understand that you also have your place. Fly lightly and courageously, fighting fear, towards the sunlight.

Its song represents a message of life, prosperity, renewal and peace. The pigeon symbol is related to positive omens. Considered good messengers, they are guardians of the announcement of the new cycle that begins. The pigeon symbolizes love, friendship and fraternity.

For Christians, this bird represents the Holy Spirit – it appears in biblical quotes and is a symbol of peace. A couple of doves stay together for their entire lives. For this reason, they also carry the meaning of fidelity, and for this symbolism they are part of many wedding rituals.

The hummingbird moves quickly, but also lightly. Its spiritual meaning is linked to the ability of people not to let themselves be overcome by coldness, by the heavy burden of life. The messenger of souls teaches that it is necessary to abandon things that do not add positively and breathe lighter to face obstacles.

The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world and can reach anywhere. His movements show that it is necessary to change quickly when nothing makes sense, persisting to make dreams come true, visiting each flower to extract the necessary nectar. So look beyond, have freedom and deepen your ideas and feelings!

A colorful bird and still seen a lot in Brazil. In many cultures, the parrot represents sincerity, strength and joy. For the Mayan culture, these birds had the ability to predict disasters and even when someone could get sick.

Some tribes in Colombia perform rituals for the dead with red parrots. There are relationships between the bird and the Virgin Mary in Christianity. For Hindus, the parrot is a symbol of love.

However, the parrot repeats everything it hears with ease, whether words or noises. This represents the consequence of our attitudes or judgments. You have to look in the mirror to change what is not good.

Sometimes a bird can cause great surprise by landing on your window. For many this is a message or sign. See below the different meanings and interpretations that reveal why a bird lands on your window. Check out!

When the bird lands on the window, it brings a message for you to expand your gaze, learning from everything that is happening around you, paying attention to the signs of the universe.

There are interpretations saying that this means a bad omen, with a warning of someone’s death. Listen to your intuition. However, the meaning goes further. The bird’s landing on the window means death, but in the sense of changing or ending relationships.

You must reflect on what needs to change in your life and have the courage to face the new cycle that is about to arrive. So, pay attention to the small details, spend more time with family and friends!…

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