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What can happen to your body if you completely stop eating salt

Although the habit of oversalting food is quite common, many people have been decreasing the amount of salt in their diets and some have decided to eliminate it altogether. These people do this because they believe in the idea that salt is bad for health, which is not entirely true. In fact, salt is a fundamental electrolyte for the proper functioning of the body. That is, before completely eliminating it from the diet, it is important to understand how our body can react to such a change in food.

There are many diets that recommend a decrease in the amount of salt. Today the awesome.club will show you the effects of low sodium in your diet. And, once again, we remind you of the importance of talking to a doctor before making any decision related to your health.

1. You can start gaining weight

Iodized salt is very important for hormones, that is, it is a source of iodine that cannot simply be eliminated. By completely cutting out this element from the diet, a person may begin to put on weight, their face may become more puffy, and their skin may become drier. In addition, there is a risk of fatigue and muscle weakness.

2. It can affect your heart

Studies have shown that a low-sodium diet has many health benefits, particularly for people with heart conditions. However, this is not the case for most people and it may not be a good idea for anyone with a healthy heart to drastically reduce their salt intake. It should also be remembered that another study shows that greater excretion of sodium increases the risk of heart problems.

3. May increase insulin resistance

Studies have shown that not including enough sodium in the diet can affect insulin resistance. When the body does not respond well to insulin there can be an increase in blood sugar.

4. You may experience symptoms of dehydration

When the level of sodium drops dramatically in the blood, the person may experience some symptoms that resemble those of dehydration. In such cases, she feels more thirsty, her mouth becomes dry, there is a risk of dizziness and the number of trips to the bathroom decreases.

5. You may start to feel nauseous.

Not eating salt can have a big impact on your cholesterol level. While this condition doesn’t usually have early symptoms, it can affect other parts of the body, including the heart. But one of the symptoms that may appear is nausea.

Do you follow a low-sodium diet or do you have a habit of salting your food a lot? Share your opinion about salt-free diets in the comments.

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