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What are the benefits and how to use the tongue scraper

Have you ever heard of tongue scraper? It promises to be an ally in oral hygiene, helping to remove bacteria, food remains and dead cells from the tongue. Keep reading the article to check out the tips from dentist Dr. Thamires Oggioni.

What is a tongue scraper

The tongue scraper is an object used in oral hygiene, which can be found in plastic or metal models. According to Dr. Thamires Oggioni, it “serves to remove the tongue coating, that is, a bacterial plate composed of bacteria, food remains, dead cells and food pigments”.

Does tongue scraper work?

Yes, the tongue scraper works. Tongue coating is one of the causes responsible for bad breath, so using this object can end the unpleasant problem. In addition, it also helps in the prevention of oral cancer, according to the expert.

How to use a tongue scraper

Dr. explains that the tongue scraper should be used “after the main brushing, at least 3 times a day”. Using the accessory is very simple, just stick your tongue out of your mouth, position the rounded part of the scraper closest to your throat, and then slowly pull the object to the tip of your tongue. This process must be repeated between 2 and 3 times, always washing the scraper under running water to remove the tongue coating.

For complete hygiene, the recommended thing is to use the tongue scraper after brushing your teeth, flossing and before mouthwash.

Types of tongue scraper

There are 3 most common types of tongue scrapers on the market: plastic, stainless steel and copper. The specialist explains that “plastic ends up being more economical, but it pollutes the environment because it is soon discarded”. The metal ones, although more expensive, can be used for a longer time. In summary, understand the differences:

  • Plastic: this option may be cheaper, but its durability is less.
  • Copper: in addition to greater durability, the metal has antibacterial properties, but it can get oxidation marks over time. This can be resolved by soaking the scraper in vinegar overnight.
  • Stainless steel: a long-lasting option, without having to worry about the oxidation and maintenance of the product.

These are the most common types of tongue scrapers. With this information, you can choose the one that best fits your needs and your pocketbook!

Contraindications and care

There are no contraindications to using the tongue scraper. However, Dr. Oggioni clarifies that “people with tongue fissures (geographical language) tend to feel more uncomfortable when using it”.

To avoid negative effects, it is necessary to take some care: “properly sanitize the object after use, store it in a place that is not dark and stuffy, so that harmful microorganisms do not proliferate, and do not share the scraper with another person ”, informs the dentist.

Where to buy tongue scraper

Did you like the benefits and want to insert the tongue scraper into your oral hygiene routine? So, check out this selection of 5 sites to buy the item without leaving home!

  • Droga Raia: cost-effective plastic tongue scrapers.
  • Drogasil : another option to buy plastic scrapers.
  • Americanas: a wide variety of tongue scrapers, with copper and plastic options.
  • Submarino: different models, colors and prices.
  • Extra: national and imported products.

With all the benefits of the tongue scraper, bad breath will be far away from you! Enjoy and also check out great homemade recipes to get rid of tartar accumulated on your teeth.

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