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Wedding dress: rent, buy or renovate?

Brides, regardless of age or the type of wedding they are going to perform, have in common the choice of wedding dress and how to get a good deal when deciding on a particular model.

The wedding dress has a unique emotional meaning for women, even for those who never had marriage as an ideal. For women who have always dreamed of the wedding ceremony, this represents a girl’s dream of dressing up like a princess; for those who have a strong bond with the family, it symbolizes the values ​​of their ancestors moving forward through marriage; and for those who see marriage as part of the cycle of life, it expresses evolution.

The beauty and perfection of the wedding dress is a goal for all brides, but they are increasingly aware that balancing cost and benefit is important, both to obtain a quality product and not to break the budget and not start the wedding. with a financial hole.

The harmony between costs and dreams

To make the best decision, stylist Fátima Meira gives a tip for those who want to get a proposal that harmonizes look and price: “The bride must stipulate the available budget to then decide if it is worth buying or renting. Organizing your finances and your ideas, in addition to a lot of research and patience, can be good solutions for those who are in doubt about the wedding dress”.

The values ​​of the wedding attire market are diverse, but renting a dress costs, on average, between R$1,500 and R$2,000. There is also the option of the so-called “first rent”, in which the dress is made to measure and after the ceremony the bride returns it to the store for rent to other brides, which usually costs between R$3,000 to R$4,500. For those who want to buy a dress this will cost at least R$ 5,000.

Anyone who appreciates family traditions and the vintage style and, therefore, wants to renovate a dress that a woman in the family would like, should keep in mind that the adaptation can be expensive, since it is common to have the need for adjustments, which involve in looking for the same or similar materials as the old dress.

Depending on the state of the dress, if it is too yellow, for example, or the huge difference in body structure between the previous bride and the current one; consideration should be given to re-tailoring the dress by purchasing it or arranging the first rental.

It is better to buy the wedding dress when…

  • There is no certainty that the dress would look good reproduced;
  • You want to keep the dress (perhaps for your daughter to wear), you know how to keep it, and you have space;
  • You’ve set aside good money and it won’t get in the way of other expenses;
  • You want to do a photo shoot like Trash the Dress.

Renting is the best option if…

  • You prefer to keep only photos and not the dress;
  • You liked a dress available for rent;
  • You think you can make the model you want through the first lease;
  • Your budget is restricted.

A dress must be reformed if…

  • The bride has an emotional bond as a part of the family;
  • You think a seamstress will be able to do the renovation and the fabric and sewing allow;
  • The cost of the renovation is less than that of a first rental that would reproduce this old dress;
  • You intend to keep most of the look of the original dress.

Regardless of whether your choice is to buy, rent or renovate, your decision should mainly consider whether the dress suits your body and personality, because at your wedding you deserve to be well with yourself.

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