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We compare the actors of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” with those of the 1996 version

23 years ago, debuted on TV Sabrina, Teenage Witch🇧🇷 and now we eagerly await the start of the third season of a new version inspired by the protagonist, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina🇧🇷 The success of the production launched in 2018 is proof that many people missed the character, who was part of the childhood and adolescence of many viewers.

O awesome.club decided to open the trunk of memories and enjoy the hook of the premiere of another season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to compare the characters of the current plot with those of the 1996 version.

1. Sabrina Spellman: Melissa Joan Hart / Kiernan Shipka

2. Aunt Hilda: Caroline Rhea / Lucy Davis

3. Aunt Zelda: Beth Broderick / Miranda Otto

4. Harvey Kinkle: Nate Richert / Ross Lynch

5. Salem Saberhagen continues as Salem, with the difference that, in the new version, he doesn’t speak

6. Sabrina’s nemesis Libby has been renamed Prudence Blackwood: Jenna Leigh Green / Tati Gabrielle

7. Sabrina’s Best Friend Jenny Kelly Turned Rosalind Walker: Michelle Beaudoin / Jaz Sinclair

8. Another switch, this time on Sabrina’s next of kin, Amanda Wiccan (cousin) is out and Ambrose Spellman (cousin) is in: Emily Hart / Chance Perdomo

9. Sabrina’s favorite teacher has also changed, going from Mr. Pool for Mary Wardwell: Paul Feig / Michelle Gómez

10. The school principal, Mr. Kraft in the 1990s version, became George Hawthorne: Martin Mull / Bronson Pinchot

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