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Waning Moon in 2022: How and Why End Cycles?

THE Waning Moon in 2022 it’s about endings. This phase symbolizes the end of a cycle and prepares for something new. This makes it a good time to detox, seek purification, work on your spiritual side and reflect on the situation you find yourself in.

This is all because this cycle has an energy that makes people feel more closed off, closer to their interior and their desires in life.

It is interesting to go through this process, because when you start a new project, you will feel that your life is clean. If you really want to be with someone during the Waning Moon in 2022, prioritize being with your loved ones and keeping in touch with your family. Learn more about the Lunar Calendar and the Waning Moon in 2022 here, see:

The influence of the Waning Moon in 2022

When the satellite wanes, it means that the Moon is reaching its maximum potential. All energy is increased, and after that there is a phase of deficit after abundance. That is, after emanating so much positive energy in the other phases, the Moon needs to clear a path for the end process.

This phase is also good for promoting initiation ceremonies, breaking up relationships and completing projects. This is because this stage will affect the elimination of negative energy that interferes in your life. That’s why it’s so important to understand the phases of the moon because it’s a joint path. Everything you will feel is part of a process that started when the moon was full.

The ideal is to have knowledge of the lunar calendar to use the power of each phase, to. For example, as the Full Moon in 2022 is a time of ending, it is important to take some time alone to re-evaluate your dreams and expectations. This will be a way of trying to balance your life in search of balance.

Focus on growing your self-awareness, no matter how painful the rocky path. When you feel like some projects or relationships aren’t progressing, it’s a good time for separation. This gives you the power you need to rid yourself of the forces that are against you.

the lunar cycles

The advantages and reflections of the Waning Moon in 2022

When the Moon is waning, it is important to remember the representation of that moment. It is a phase that is worth leaving the scene to get closer to your inner self, to better understand what you need to keep doing and what you should stop doing.

As we have said before, this is a period that has a lot to do with recollection and reflection. It is essential to focus So you will make full use of the energy provided by the Waning Moon in 2022. One last but not least tip is to try to stay away from fights, conflicts and toxic relationships.

The Waning Moon in 2022 and health

The Waning Moon in 2022 is great for anyone who needs to heal from some kind of ailment – ​​physical, mental or spiritual. This makes this phase very conducive to performing surgery and cosmetic procedures, mainly related to fat and toxin loss.

The reason for this happening is because your body enters an adaptation stage. That way, eliminating any health damage that is in your body. To keep your health up, the tip is always to drink plenty of water before deciding on any procedure. This will prepare your body for the new cycle that will begin.

The Waning Moon in 2022 and professional life

This cycle provides a time to analyze and reflect on the events within your work. Remember that your services bring in money, which is used to do whatever you want. Value and dedicate yourself to obtain the best results that will benefit your career. So take the time to plan where your professional life will go.

In addition, this phase is also good for those who want to make economic and professional negotiations. It is worth looking for the best forms of payment, so as not to run into installments that can generate debt.

The Waning Moon in 2022 and Love Life

When it comes to love, the Waning Moon in 2022 will bring an end to relationships that are perceived as bad. Everything that doesn’t bring you happiness, may it be more weight than lightness in your life. If your relationship isn’t satisfying, take advantage of the powerful energy this cycle offers to muster up the courage to put an end to it. Go ahead and don’t be afraid.

As for the lovebirds who are happy and satisfied with their relationship, stay in peace. The Waning Moon in 2022 provides them with a gas to enjoy life together. It will be easier to learn to live together as a couple and to strengthen the bond between them every day.

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the delicacy of the energy emanated, there are some attitudes that must be well evaluated before being put into practice. Find out what to do or not to do:

What to do on the Waning Moon in 2022

  • Cleaning your home, organizing and taking away what is no longer in use.
  • Take a bath for energetic cleansing.
  • Get rid of what you don’t use.
  • Put an end to projects that are not moving forward.
  • End unresolved relationships.
  • Imagine what you want for your new cycle.

What not to do on the Waning Moon in 2022

  • Start a new fitness life.
  • Create new projects.
  • Take unexpected trips to places you haven’t been.
  • Buying big, expensive, important things.
  • Have a haircut.

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