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Walnut Stroganoff: 13 Recipes to Enjoy Any Occasion

Walnut stroganoff is among the traditional holiday recipes for many families, however, it is so delicious that it can be served at any time or event. Whether at weddings, birthdays or just Sunday lunch, this dessert is always a hit. In addition, its degree of difficulty is very low, which is great for those who do not have much experience in the kitchen.

Traditional recipes usually call for ingredients such as condensed milk, eggs, nuts and dulce de leche, items that are easy to find in any supermarket. To prepare it, it is essential that you have a mixer, as the snow whites are the key point of the candy. Check out 13 options to delight yourself!

To venture into this recipe, it’s good to start with an easy option. Imagine a cream made from dulce de leche, egg whites and condensed milk combined with nuts? In addition to being beautiful, it requires few ingredients and appeals to all audiences.

Now that you’ve got the hang of the recipe, it’s time to learn the classic. Start by separating two eggs into yolks and whites. Then, mix the yolks with a can of condensed milk on the fire until it boils. Let cool and add crushed walnuts to the mixture. Finally, just add two beaten egg whites to the dough and wait for it to freeze.

To make your dessert even more elegant, you can serve it in glasses. In order to make the candy lighter, crush the nuts well before adding them to the final mixture. With the jam already in the glass, decorate with whole walnuts.

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Any recipe is even better with a touch of chocolate, so you need to learn how to add it to the classic walnut stroganoff too. This recipe calls for more ingredients than the traditional ones, but don’t be alarmed, it’s as easy as the others.

Here you will find several little secrets to make the recipe super tasty. The first one is not limiting yourself to nuts like the crunchy dessert, adding almonds to the dish as well. The second is to seal the mixture in the skillet before anything else, so that the nuts release their natural oils.

How about using walnut stroganoff as a filling for cakes? This is the proposal of this wonderful and full of flavor recipe. For this, you will need to thicken the cream over the fire, using margarine and flour. To finish, beat the cooled mixture with whipped cream and fill your cake. You can already imagine how delicious it will be!

4 ingredients and a mixer are all you need to rock this recipe! Whip the liquid whipped cream with sugar until it reaches the point of snow. Then mix the other ingredients gently to keep the whipped cream airy. Serve in small portions.

The cream in this recipe is very close to the classic one, however, instead of using cream, cream and vanilla essence are used. Now, the differential appears in the assembly that reminds a lot of a delicious pavé of biscuit Maria. It looks beautiful!

Perfect for family parties, this walnut stroganoff combines 3 delicious sweets: milk chocolate, chocolates and ice cream! The cream here, instead of dulce de leche, is made with brigadeiro, great for changing the flavors. Serve chilled on a single platter or on several individual ones.

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Surprisingly, this recipe combines chocolate with whiskey, leaving the taste totally different from ordinary. Its base is a chocolate cream thickened with Jack Daniels and mixed with whey-free cream and nuts. Easy and delicious!

Another option for filling a walnut stroganoff cake, this cream consists of a walnut brigadeiro mixed with whipped cream on a firm point. After mixing everything together, you can use it as a filling for any type of cake.

Have you ever thought about mixing two delicious desserts and creating a new one? It’s super possible! The idea here is to combine the pavé with the walnut stroganoff. The base is made from a firm mixture of condensed milk, milk and cornstarch. Then you must add sour cream, crushed nuts and assemble in layers with cornstarch cookies. Finish with a chocolate ganache.

After learning two filling options, nothing fairer than finding a complete walnut stroganoff cake recipe. Take advantage of this tip for birthdays, family parties and even weddings. Use the measure of two parts of cake dough for three of filling and enjoy.

With so many ideas, it’s impossible not to find one that fits your taste buds. Set out to test these delicious recipes! And for those who love a good dessert, see also recipes for ice cream pudding and chocolate pie

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