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Vintage T-shirt: 20 looks that prove how cool this piece is

Trends from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are back in current fashion, and vintage t-shirts couldn’t be left out. With alternative prints and varied themes, this type of t-shirt is a success.

In addition to matching many styles, it is easy to compose varied looks with vintage t-shirts. If you’re a fan of old rock bands, you’ll fall in love with this piece, which has themed and colorful prints. For everyday wear, the tip is to combine it with ripped jeans. For looks that demand production, the tip is to bet on skirts. And for winter, it looks great to combine with a denim or leather jacket. Check out some possible combinations and supercool looks with vintage t-shirts:

1. Vintage t-shirts make the look sophisticated and modern

2. Combined with skirts they are a knockout

3. Old rock bands appear on many vintage t-shirts

4. And they take us back to other decades

5. In addition to being stylish, the piece leaves the look relaxed

6. For a casual look, pair a vintage t-shirt with ripped jeans

7. And for an elegant and off-the-beaten-path look, how about coordinating it with tailored pants and a blazer?

8. Vintage t-shirts are perfect for music festivals

9. And they can be used on hot days, with a miniskirt

10. And on the coldest days, with a denim jacket

11. T-shirts can compose a more sporty look

12. With models that remind us of the 90’s

13. For a romantic look, it’s worth betting on vintage t-shirts in pastel tones

14. The looks with vintage t-shirts are alternative and stylish

15. With a skirt is a look ready for the night

16. Vintage t-shirts have vibrant prints

17. In addition to being fun, it looks like we’re wearing something from another era

18. Vintage t-shirt + boots result in a powerful look

19. How about remembering your favorite boyband?

Did you see? Vintage t-shirts match various styles and give a relaxed look to the look. With a rock vibe and fun prints, these t-shirts are a blast. Get inspired by these t-shirts to assemble your next look.

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