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Vichy chess: how to use the print that is all the rage

Ever heard of Vichy chess? You might not know it by name, but you’ve certainly seen it somewhere, even on picnic blankets in the movies. Like everything else in fashion, this print has had its heyday in the past and now it comes back repackaged with full force for the windows and, of course, for our closet.

Vichy plaid was a hit in the 50s and 60s and is named after a French town of the same name. French actress Brigitte Bardot, known for her daring style, got married in 1959 in a dress in this print. This act was considered a paradigm shift at the time, but it became popular and Vichy chess began to be used in various pieces of clothing.

This chess has a delicate touch, a sure choice for those who are a fan of the romantic style. If this is not your case and you are still enchanted by Vichy chess, you can compose the look with more casual pieces.

The most common color of Vichy Chess is black, but it also appears in other colors, such as pink, red, yellow and blue. Many people are already betting on this print that was a fever in fashion weeks and that is here to stay. Image consultant Lucila Vilarins highlights how democratic, versatile and very cool this print is. She also gave some tips on how to create stunning productions with Vichy plaid, check it out!

Vichy checkered blouses

According to the image consultant, the Vichy plaid blouse goes well with any occasion and level of formality: “From more formal environments to more casual ones, such as a Saturday night club or a Sunday barbecue”. Another cool piece of advice is to knot the hem of the blouse, it makes the look charming and stylish at the same time. For more formal occasions, such as work, Lucila Vilarins’ tip is to combine the Vichy checkered blouse with a more structured skirt or tailored pants.

Vichy checkered dresses

Of course, dresses are already more romantic pieces. If you are a fan of this style, the image consultant recommends composing the look with flats or high heels. If you want to break this very feminine look a little, bet on sneakers or boots and finish off the look with a jacket or vest.

Vichy checkered shorts

Shorts are the darlings of summer and make the look of the hottest days very fresh, emphasizes Lucila. Vichy plaid looks beautiful on more fluid and loose fabrics. A production with a tighter blouse, high-waisted shorts with roomy legs and comfortable sneakers is ideal for a summer outing. Another really cool tip is to compose the look of Vichy checkered shorts with a piece with a floral or striped print. Bet on this trend without fear!

Vichy checkered skirts

When it comes to skirts, the image consultant says that the midi length is the right bet for this season: “It can be used both in the office and in leisure time”, says Lucila. Skirts can come in many variations, from asymmetries to ruffles, but either way they are beautiful and romantic. If you want to mix prints, it is interesting that the patterns have at least one color so that the composition is harmonious. On the feet, the rule is to feel good and be comfortable, since the Vichy plaid skirt combines with sneakers, flats and also with high heels.

Vichy checkered trousers

Vichy plaid pants are great choices for environments that require more seriousness and formality. Tired of those black tailored pants? Play in Vichy plaid pants! Consultant’s tip: if you have wide hips and want to disguise it, a good idea is to opt for the smaller plaid. The opposite is also valid!

Vichy checkered coats

If you don’t have any Vichy chess pieces, bet on neutral colors that go well with any other. Black and navy blue are ideal for winter looks and leave any composition chic and with the elegant air that colder days suggest. A Vichy plaid coat can be a long-lasting piece in your closet and you can wear it every year in the colder seasons. It is classic, timeless and goes well with a more casual jeans and also with a more refined tailored pants.

11 vichy chess pieces for you to buy

Want to buy a Vichy chess piece and go rocking around? We selected 11 mega stylish pieces for you to purchase now!

Where to buy

  1. Vichy Maria Filó plaid blazer, at Shop2gether
  2. Vichy plaid trousers from Amaro
  3. Vichy checkered Slip On sneakers by Dafiti
  4. Vichy plaid bow dress from Riachuelo
  5. Vichy plaid skirt with ruffles, by Amaro
  6. Vichy plaid off-the-shoulder dress from Zattini
  7. One-shoulder Vichy checkered blouse, from Riachuelo
  8. Vichy plaid shirt from Amaro
  9. Vichy checkered shorts from Amaro
  10. Vichy Maria Filó checkered denim bag at Shop2gether
  11. Vichy Midi plaid skirt from Kanui

Now just choose which Vichy chess pieces you want to include in your wardrobe!

More looks with Vichy plaid

You can bet on this print in basic everyday productions and also when you want to dare and make the fashionista line. We made a selection with several looks in Vichy plaid to inspire you and convince you to join this trend that is here to stay!

Delicate and romantic look!

The t-shirt makes production more relaxed

How about this more fashionista footprint?

A composition that attracts eyes wherever it goes

Shoulder to shoulder + Vichy plaid = ♥

A Vichy plaid dress suits warm days

And also with cooler days

Combining Vichy with another type of chess? Why not?

Vichy can also be in the accessories

Basiquinho for the day to day rush

Fresh and cool!

This is another less common mix of prints, but it was also amazing

The shirt tied at the waist is very stylish!

Black and white is never wrong

classic and elegant

Basic tank top and Vichy plaid pants, comfortable without losing style

Very romantic, isn’t it?

Vichy chess is a classic

Vichy plaid pants with white sneakers is the perfect combo

For an evening look, pair Vichy plaid with a sparkly piece.

Jeans go well with everything, especially with Vichy plaid.

Style without much effort

This season, Vichy checkered blouses are in!

They arrived with different details.

And also in straighter cuts

with lashings

mega relaxed look

Vichy goes well on any occasion

Bet on this classic that is full of style and attitude!

Another valuable piece of advice from image consultant Lucila Vilarins: “The best thing about the Vichy print is the opportunity it gives you to unleash your imagination, adapt it to your personal style and look wonderful, without fear of being happy. So, free yourself, have fun and create your own way of using it!” Convinced that Vichy chess is a must-have? Play on this trend!

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