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VERY SMALL APARTMENTS: tips on how to decorate and enjoy the space

Nowadays, many people choose to live in small apartments. Often, because they stay at home for a short time or, simply, as a matter of choice: a smaller space requires less expenses, less time for cleaning, it tends to be more easily organized, etc.

However, it is usually when moving to a small apartment that questions arise such as: which furniture should I choose? How can I make the most of my living room space? How to put everything I need in my room? How to decorate my new apartment accordingly?

But do not worry! With good tips you can make the most of the space in your apartment, leaving it super organized and functional. Check out the guidelines of interior designer Malu Goraieb below:

Living room

1. Opt for modular, flexible and lightweight furniture.

2. Avoid large and heavy furniture.

3. Coffee tables can be upholstered and made of the same fabric as the sofa. “They can be used as puffs to support your feet,” says Malu Goraieb.

4. “The TV can be built into a panel on the wall, so there is space, if you have a rack, to accommodate home theater, DVD and other equipment”, explains the interior designer.


5. Fix the TV to the cabinet. “Today this possibility exists and it is a very simple and very useful system. So, you can have a bigger closet and take up less space with dressers and shelves”, says Malu Goraieb.

6. Headboards can be upholstered or made of MDF panels.

7. Use wall sconce instead of lamps on the nightstand. “This leaves more space to accommodate books, clocks and even small decorative treats”, explains the interior designer.

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8. Avoid dark colors, because they make the space feel even smaller.

9. Opt for light colors, both on the floor and on the ceiling.

10. Use mirrors in front of the wardrobe or on the headboard, “as they can give a good feeling of spaciousness”, explains Malu.


11. Avoid placing the built-in oven under the cooktop. “He can warm his legs while cooking and roasting something at the same time”, explains Malu Goraieb.

12. Opt for towers with a built-in oven and microwave, at waist height.

13. Drawers under the sink are very welcome, as they accommodate pans very well and make things noticeably easier to find.

14. But, if the kitchen is very narrow, opt for sliding doors and shelves inside.

15. Opt for light colors.

16. Enhance lighting over the sink counter area.

17. Kitchen utensils on the wall are super practical, “so the utensils take up less space in the drawers”, says the interior designer.


18. Bathrooms require good lighting, a mirror on the countertop, shelves, a glass shower and rubber mats.

19. Also avoid dark colors in the bathroom(s).

20. Avoid slippery tiles.

21. In the case of a bathroom for special needs, “use grab bars, avoid uneven floors and always ensure good air circulation”, explains Malu Goraieb.

The interior designer ends by explaining that, before starting to work on the decoration of any room, it is essential to consider how many people will live in the apartment and what their priorities are. All this can be discussed with a professional in the area, who will indicate the best solutions for each case.

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In addition to the tips, you can see below images of some projects made for small apartments:

The images and tips remain as inspirations for those who are moving or intending to move to a small apartment. Remember that, using creativity and following good guidelines from professionals, it is much easier to make your new space pleasant, beautiful and functional!

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