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Velvet: a sure bet for elegant looks full of personality

Straight from the 90’s to your closet again! Yes, velvet is back with everything and is promising incredible productions.

Velvet is a fabric that naturally already has a touch of sophistication and elegance, and anyone who thinks you can’t create looks of various styles with velvet pieces is wrong. Just mix it with other types of fabrics, such as jeans, lace and leather, and the look takes on other faces.

For more basic productions, good old jeans come into play and the result is a simple, comfortable and modern look. For more elaborate looks and evening events, velvet dresses are the big bet along with powerful accessories.

To help you create amazing looks with velvet pieces, we’ve prepared some tips in partnership with style consultant Danyla Borobia, check it out!

velvet blouses

An easy and simple option for those who are going to wear velvet for the first time is to bet on velvet blouses. Transform the look quickly! “The blouses in the T-shirt model are versatile and easy to combine with the rest of the wardrobe, they are more elegant and young when edited with jeans and shoes with a masculine shape, while when composed with tailoring they convey the message of modernity” , explains Daniela.

velvet pants

How about daring a little more in the look of the day and replacing the jeans with velvet pants? The consultant explains that velvet pants show well in different environments and what will set the tone of the style will be the composition of the upper part and the accessories: “a total velvet look calls for more casual accessories when we talk about a day look, already for the night more stylish and glamorous accessories win the scene and transform the look. For work, you can bet on the third piece, however, with noble textures, but still with an elegant touch, as in the case of knits, which are great allies to warm up and bring sophistication to the daytime look.”

velvet skirts

The velvet skirt gives an extra charm to the look and makes the look much more interesting. Danyla gives a tip for a velvet skirt model for you to make the look of the day beautiful: “velvet skirts with slits or in envelope shape can be the star of the look, giving sophistication, modernity and a touch of sensuality. The best thing is to compose with more ‘straight up’ tops, which don’t draw too much attention.”

velvet shorts

Another option to give a different face to the shorts + t-shirt look. A darling piece to assemble winter looks, as they look beautiful with pantyhose. “They are more modern when paired with coats or blazers also made of velvet in the same color, covering the hips.”, comments Danyla.

Velvet blazers and jackets

The blazer, jackets and velvet coats, in general, are pieces that are worth investing in, as they add an extra touch of elegance to any look. “Both velvet jackets and blazers can bring elegance and bossa to a look. A good tip is to invest in the pantone of the year, in this case, the pink tones tend to make everything more current or even the military tones that are the neutrals of the moment”, explains the consultant.

velvet casual dresses

The darling piece of the moment, which you can assemble looks of various styles. Danyla gives some look tips, check it out: “if edited with coats or blazers with sequin applications, the look will convey the message of elegance and will be ready for parties and parties. A good composition to get out of the ordinary is with skinny jeans under the dress, the pants need to be folded at the hem, showing the ankle bone, and on the feet more elegant sandals or pumps will give the final charm to the look.”

velvet party dresses

Naturally the velvet party dress tends to make the look sexier. The consultant gives some tips if you want to break this style a little: “To give it a more modern look, just pair it with parkas in military tones or oversize denim jackets with patch application. More casual and/or masculine accessories also help to make the daytime look versatile.”

velvet shoes

Another great option for those who are starting to wear velvet pieces, shoes! Danyla indicates some models for you to invest in: “a big bet are the velvet ankle boots; the colors wine, black and blue are the most seen around. This accessory can be composed in any look, with jeans, leather, lace, with skirts, dresses, pants, that is, there are no limitations, the idea is to compose a look and love it.”

Velvet care

The style consultant, Danyla Borobia, gave some care tips that we should have with velvet pieces. Check out:

  • Avoid bending the piece, always hang it;
  • Use stiffer and thicker hangers so as not to deform the piece;
  • Store on the wrong side, to prevent it from filling with hair and to better preserve the piece;
  • Never keep the piece dirty or wet, let it dry naturally, away from the sun, this goes for shoes too;
  • Store on the wrong side, to prevent it from filling with hair and to better preserve the piece;
  • Read the label inside the garment before washing and ironing, some fabrics need to be dry cleaned, others by hand, never use a clothes dryer and pay attention to the temperature of the iron or steamer.

9 beautiful and stylish velvet pieces

We selected some velvet pieces for you to buy online and abuse this trend!

Where to buy

  1. Short velvet dress by Amaro
  2. Lace blouse with velvet tank top, at Renner
  3. Velvet T-shirt, at Oqvestir
  4. Velvet flare pants, at Renner
  5. Velvet mule, at Oqvestir
  6. Velvet skirt, at Dafiti
  7. Velvet dress, at Dafiti
  8. Velvet bodysuit, at Amaro
  9. Velvet bomber jacket from Renner

You’re sure to find a velvet piece to call your own!

More inspirational looks with velvet

How about getting inspired by the looks of bloggers using velvet pieces? We have some images for you. Check out!

You will surely fall in love with a piece of velvet and create amazing looks with it!

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